3 Expensive Hardwood floors Mistakes you should avoid!

timber floorWood flooring is beautiful. It’s a natural material with some quirks and eccentricities that you have to know first. You should understand how wood flooring works to be able to make sure your flooring will last a life time. Wood flooring can enhance your home and can last for years if you can provide the right environment.

Pre installation

Wood floor is durable but can get damage when exposed with the wrong type of environment. Remember, woods are not indestructible and mostly, they require proper care. Here are common hardwood floor mistake that may cost you a lot of money.

  • Not doing a moisture reading.
  • Incorrect subfloor preparation.
  • Considering the room’s lay out.

Not doing a moisture reading

Wood is a natural material and that makes itsusceptible to any moisture changes in your home. When installing wood flooring you need to take a moisture reading and be aware of humidity levels in your area. Think about the weather conditions and time of year when you plan to install your flooring, wet, hot, cold, dry etc. Speak to your flooring supplier and make sure you are buying a flooring product that is suitable for your conditions to give you long lasting beautiful results in your home.

Incorrect subfloor preparation

As discussed moisture plays a huge roll in whether your wooden floor will last a very long time or not. Some of that moisture can come up through the subfloor especially if your new floor is being laid on concrete. You will need to have a moisture barrier laid between the concrete and your new wooden flooring. When you don’t do this, you could have loose, squeaky or shaky floor boards plus the flooring can be damaged from underneath. Your subfloor needs to be checked properly before hardwood floors are laid. Prepare your subfloor to get even, moistureproof barrier is essential for a great long lasting floor.

You must consider the room’s lay out

The floor installer must know the room’s lay out in order to correctly quote for the materials needed. If you have an unusual shaped room more materials might be needed to get the angles correct. This is the same for elaborate patterns, to get all the piece to fit perfectly you may need extra materials.Your room’s layout and use may determine the choice of flooring and style of floorboards you use. If in doubt speak to your flooring professional before you order your new flooring.D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring are flooring professionals who sell and install hardwood flooring and have had years of experience.

3 Expensive Hardwood Floors Mistakes you should avoid!

Take note of these mistakes and you will be able to get beautiful hardwood floor look you want for your home.

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