3 holiday hazards to your floor you should know

christmasExcited for Christmas and the holiday season? You should be, it’s just a once in a year celebration but remember, the holidays and its accompanying festivities can take a heavy toll on your floors. This Christmas, make sure your hardwood floor is protected by knowing these holiday hazards.

Here are the lists of things to watch for in order to make sure your hardwood floor stays gorgeous all throughout the holiday season. Plus, wouldn’t it be great to welcome the New Year with a beautiful home? A beautiful home starts with a beautiful floor!

1. Christmas tree

If you have a real Christmas tree you need to be careful when watering it. Water is required to keep your tree fresh all throughout the season but remember, water is an enemy of your hardwood floor. It’s a great idea to place a sheet of plastic under the tree stand and then a mat over the plastic to prevent any water touching the floor. This way, if there is water spilt you will be able to mop it up before it will not reach your floor. Keep the mat and plastic regularly.

2. Pets

Pets are often inside your home all year round but at Christmas time there are more things that can be knocked or spilt by excited pets. Clean up any spills immediately with a piece of paper towel and make sure it is completely dry. If the spill was really bad you may need to mop with warm soapy water and then dry mop afterwards to remove any leftover moisture.

3. Partygoers

The extra traffic, spills and tracked in dirt can make your floor look less gorgeous. Protect your floor by putting mats in entryway and high traffic areas. If there are spills, make sure you wipe it immediately. You may need to sweep and vacuum more often. You can also do a dry mop which is an effective way to get rid of dirt. Remember to run dry mop with the boards, not against its grain.

3 holiday hazards to your floor you should know

This holiday season, keep your floor protected and looking lovely, so that you can enjoy them for more Christmas’ to come.

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