3 mistakes you should avoid doing to your hardwood floor

hardwoodThe elegant look of Hardwood floors makes your home feel totally fabulous. In fact, so many of your friends are asking about your flooring that you couldn’t be more proud. If you could only keep your floors that way – beautiful, gorgeous and looking brand new.

However, you know it’s impossible, right? Through time, dirt, grit and scratches can damage the appearance of your hardwood floor. Should you be worried? No. As long as you know how to clean your hardwood floor, you’ll be fine. Plus, knowing the mistakes you should avoid when cleaning will make your hardwood floor last longer!

Hardwood floor cleaning mistakes

Mostly, in our desperate attempt to keep our hardwood floors looking their best, we do things unintentionally that may harm our floors. This is not wrong, but some damages may be irreversible. Before making these errors, STOP and read the common mistakes below.

  1. Using regular household dusting and cleaning products
  2. Using too much water to mop
  3. Using wax with urethane or other glossy finish

Mistake #1 – Using regular household dusting and cleaning products

Often, we clean our floors with what we have at home –it’s less hassle and less costly, right? However, instead of cleaning your floors, you are actually inflicting damage. Your hardwood floor might require specific dusting and cleaning products, make sure you use the right one when cleaning. Use a soft cloth not a feature duster and the quilts on the features can scratch your floor. Don’t use silicon based polishing sprays as it is not good for your floor.

Mistake #2 – Using too much water to mop

Too much water can cause permanent damage to your floor. Do not pour water directly on to your floor to mop. Instead, use a damp cloth to clean and wipe up spills immediately. Dry mop after mopping to ensure no excess has been left behind.

Mistake #3 -Using wax with urethane or other glossy finish

Your floor doesn’t need wax to look shiny. Floors with glossy finishes are easy to clean and a quick swipe of a damp cloth can do the trick. If you are thinking of recoating your floor, check what surface product was used before and only reapply the same time of product.

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