3 Reasons Not To Have Carpet in Your Home

No-carpetCarpeting seems to be a good idea for your home, isn’t it? However, before you consider installing carpet, it will do you good if you do some research first. After all, purchasing a carpet is quite an investment.

If you have hardwood flooring, stick to it. You are probably thinking of adding carpet to your floor to enhance your home appearance but it’s worth some of your time to get to know carpeting deeper.

Reasons why you should not have carpeting

There’s a reason why hardwood floors are the choice of many homeowners and have been for years. Carpets started as rugs which used to be spring cleaned and then rolled away until the weather turned cool again. These days, modern carpets are attached to the floor for all year use and this is not good for your health f you are not having them professionally cleaned two or three times a year.

Here are 3 reasons NOT to have carpet in your home.

  1. Virus can live under your carpets
  2. Dead human skin cells hide under your carpet, creating a perfect home for dust mites
  3. Carcinogens gets embed on your carpet

Virus can live under your carpets

There is a survey in 2003 that Norovirus or a stomach flu causing virus can live under your carpet for a month of longer. This can pose health risk to you and your family. “Repeated outbreaks of norovirus have occurred even when carpets have been steam cleaned.” According to the Department of Health

Dead human skin cells hide under your carpet

The dust that you collect under your carpet is made up of your dead human skin cells.That’s not it, dust mites can eat your skin cells as they also can live under carpets. Gross, isn’t it?

Carcinogens gets embed on your carpet

Are there smokers inside your home, or has there ever been?

Chances are, the carcinogens from their cigarettes have been embed in your carpet which can be unhealthy your family especially children and toddlers who are in constant contact with the carpet.

3 Reasons Not To Have Carpet in Your Home

What to do? There are lots of healthy alternatives to carpets. If your hardwood floor is beautiful, who needs carpet anyway?

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