5 bamboo flooring problems to avoid

bamboo flooring

bamboo flooring

You may have heard that there can be issues with bamboo flooring, this may be true if you don’t look after it properly and take precautions.

Here are 5 flooring problems and how to avoid them.

  1. Warping
  2. Cracking
  3. Fading
  4. Scratches
  5. Loss of finish


Always keep the floor dry to avoid distortion of your bamboo flooring. Never allow moisture to accumulate on the floor as it can cause the bamboo to swell in places. Wipe up spills immediately with a dry cloth to prevent the problem.

You can place rugs in areas that are prone to liquid spills. Use rugs that do not have rubber backing as this can cause discolouration. Use a mop that is only slightly damp when mopping the floor to avoid over wetting. Dry mop immediately afterwards is you need to use a little more water for your weekly clean.


When welcoming visitors into your home make sure footwear is left outside the door or placed in shoe racks to keep them neat. It is best to be barefoot when walking on bamboo flooring as heels, heavy or sharp shoes can exert force onto the floor surface leaving it pitted or cracked. Walking barefoot means minimal pressure is applied,making it safe to walk on without damaging the floor and will keep it looking beautiful. Soft fluffy footwear like slippers are great for winter.


Prevent bamboo floor colour from fading by ensuring it is not subjected to any direct heat.  Consistent exposure to direct sunlight can cause the colour to fade.  It is best to restrict the harsh sunlight by diffusing the light with blinds or curtains.

When cleaning your bamboo flooring, avoid using strong chemicals as this may bleach the natural colour and effect the surface.  Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and use the prescribed cleaner.


Scratches are a common problem for bamboo floors especially with homeowners who have pets in their home.  You can prevent scratches by simply placing rugs and mats at doorways to ensure dirt is not traipsed all over the floor.

Cover the base of your furniture with floor protectors to prevent marks and scratches on your floor. If you have to move your furniture, use a thick rug or towel underneath the furniture to protect the floor while moving it around.

Loss of finish

Ensure your bamboo flooring is properly sealed with high quality sealant as low grade sealant or finish can peel off leaving the bamboo exposed and cause further damage.  If you wish to restore the finish, use proper finish as advised by the manufacturer.

5 bamboo flooring problems to avoid

Follow these 5 tips to keep your bamboo flooring looking stunning and ensure it is long lasting.

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