A flooring experts tips for finding your new floor!

hardwood floorYou want a lovely floor, a gorgeous one. Something that will bring out your home’s aesthetic appeal, make your home truly beautiful. When you are out looking for the best floor for your home, you have so many things to consider. What is hot? What colours and designs are in? All these while making sure the durability of a floor.

Got enough on your plate?

With these things in mind, you sure are too overwhelmed on how to choose the right floor. To avoid this scenario from happening, its best to seek flooring expert tips for finding a new floor.

Where to start

Don’t rush things. Give some serious thought about the room where you will install the floor. Think about your lifestyle and your preferred interior style – is it traditional, casual or contemporary? Consider the colour, visual, surface and the gloss level. All of these should suit your taste and needs.

Importance of lightings

Here’s one thing – floors will appear different depending on your light sources. To ensure your floor will look great get flooring samples and view them under different lighting condition. This will help you evaluate the gloss level of your floor. If your chosen floor looks nice on your lighting, or not then perhaps you can change your lighting  or do you need another flooring option?

Surface texturing

When it comes to flooring, its surface needs to be realistic – you don’t just see it, you have to feel it!

Purpose of the room

Many people over look this important factor, who will use the room and for what reason. You have choose to have a couple of different flooring surfaces throughout your home, depending on the use of the rooms.

Choose hardwood flooring, cork, bamboo, feature parquetry or a combination; the choices are endless, which will fit your home perfectly. Don’t get lose in the choice maze, come and talk to D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring, we can show you all your options and work out what really will suit your needs.

Now, you really will get that perfect flooring which ticks all your boxes. Enjoy your new floor!

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