Taking care of your timber floors the easy way!

flooring by DIYTimber floors are a great feature in your home. They bring a lovely warm ambience of your home that is unparalleled. Wood floors radiate quality, style and durability to your home that will last for years.

This priceless beauty under your feet is irreplaceable and an investment you need to look after. The warmth it gives during cold months and the coolness it provides during summer is unique. You can walk on it with bare feet and feel comfortable all year round.

Taking care of your timber flooring is important. This will increase you floor’s longevity and ensures optimum walking experience.

Here a step by step to taking care of your timber floors the easy way:

Choose Quality Timber Floors

Choose a quality timber flooring that will you for years to come. Quality timber floors require less care and are harder wearing than low quality flooring materials, saving you money and time in the long run.

Choosing the best finish and installation process

Installation of timber floors is a tricky process, so make sure that your timber flooring done properly. Breathing is critical and is done by allowing the timber floor to grow and expand naturally in a few days before applying the final sealant. This makes sure that the flooring material settles perfectly on the floor surface and is the best time to check the alignment of the timber floor.

hardwood flooringChoose the best finish, those with the longest re-finishing time. This will save you a lot in terms of money, time and effort. It can be costly but it is also worth it every penny.

Regular cleaning

Vacuum or sweep any lose particles of dust or dirt that is brought in and onto your floor, then a good soft mop with the minimum of clean water is a must. Cleaning regularly with keep your floor sparkling and increase its life span.

Annual Maintenance

Yearly maintenance of your timber floor is very important. It gives you clear idea of your floor’s current condition. This is the best time to find damages, scratches etc and have any damage repaired before it becomes a big problem.

For quality timber floors, contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber and Cork Flooring we offer installation, maintenance and repair services. Call us today on 0409 081 679 and let’s talk!

Should you have a wooden floor in your home?

hardwoood floorYes, wooden floors make our home truly unique. They have an attractive finish that suits just about any type of homes. Our wooden floors make us happy because they make our life comfortable in so many ways. Here are some benefits that wooden floors offer:

  • Long lasting floors, they can last for decades. With little maintenance, you can keep your wooden floor at its best for longer years.
  • Class and character. Wooden floors add a touch class like no other flooring can and give great character to your home. Wooden floors are perfect for modern minimalist house right through to your classic heritage home giving a strength yet classy ambiance to it.
  • Increase of home’s market value. Wooden floors are highly sort after and add value to your home.

If you are concerned about the environment and your families health and lets face it today we all have to be; then a wood floor is perfect for you.

Wooden floors offer homeowners fantastic environment benefits too.

  • Save water and energy
  • Healthier environment
  • Recyclable

timber floorSave water and energy

Wooden floors last for a very long time so they don’t need to be replace every 5 or 10 years so this uses much less water and energy. Wood for flooring can also be grown in plantations as a renewable crop saving water again.

Healthier indoor environment

Dust mites don’t get trapped in wood like they do in carpet, a quick sweep out with a regular weekly vacuum with keep your floor in tip top conditions. Not trapping the dust mites is great for asthma and allergy suffers. Wood floors don’t give off toxic ordours like some flooring can. You don’t have to worry about your family’s health because indoor air quality is better with wooden floors.


Wooden floors can last for hundreds of years. With a bit of TLC you shouldn’t have to replace your wooden floor in your lifetime. If you decided to replace your wooden floor eg change of use for the room, renovating and making the room bigger etc, then you can recycle the floor boards. Use them to build great furniture pieces, outdoor furniture or if all else fail burn them as firewood.  With wooden floors, you always get something from it when its service life ends.

Should you have a wooden floor in your home?

Yes most definitely with wooden floors, the options are endless! Call DIY Parquetry, Timber and Cork Flooring and get a free measure and quote today!

Need a flooring specialist in Bunbury?


If you are looking for a flooring specialist in Bunbury you have come to the right place.

D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring are your flooring specialist.

A beautiful home should have the perfect floor. No matter what your taste is flooring is, it is important that your floor suits your lifestyle and the intended use of the room. To do this, you should look for a reputable flooring company. D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring is among your best option. Why because we have years of experience and have a wide range of flooring type, solid wood flooring, cork flooring, bamboo and parquetry. We can do the installation for you or we can provide you supplies for your DIY project.

When is the perfect time to change your floors? Here are some reasons:

  • You want to change your home’s interior design.
  • When repairs are necessary. Floors should always be in its best condition to maximize its purpose. Sometimes it is better to repair your floor and other time it is just too far gone.
  • If your old floor covering have past their used by. Some floors have an expiration date and should be replaced once it has reached its expiry date, carpet is worn, the vinyl is torn.
  • Changed the use of your room.
  • Renovating

We are your flooring specialists who make beautiful floors for your home. Whether you are looking for timber flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring, parquetry floors or floor repairs you need us. If repairs are necessary, we can advise and quote you on the best course of action. With years of industry experience our laying and repair skills are undeniably excellent, you won’t even know notice where the repair was conducted.

Need a flooring specialist in Bunbury?

We guarantee you that your floors will perform perfectly for many years. For all your flooring needs, whether you want a fully installed floor or DIY kit, call D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring today. Call us now and we will discuss your needs – free of charge!

How much does a timber floor cost?

living room with hardwood floorsHow much does a timber floor cost?

This is just a simple question, but the answer depends on several factors:

  • type of timber flooring
  • grade of wood
  • installation (installed or DIY)
  • size of the area to have the flooring
  • location of your home

Type of Flooring

The first thing you need to consider is the type of flooring, should it be solid timber, laminate, direct stick floors, floating floors, parquetry or pre-finished floors.

Next is the grade of the timbers; select, standard and better, standard grade, and feature and better, feature and economy.  The price differs with each grade and can be based on the appearance of the timber rather than its quality. Floor boards are priced on varying quality, widths and lengths.

Installation Costs of Timber Floors

Installation cost of timber floors depends on the type of flooring you choose. For instance, solid timber flooring requires more time and careful preparation than a pre-finished flooring requires. With DIY Parquetry, Cork & Timber Flooring installation charge at a cost per metre. Parquet floors is also are at a cost per metre but with an addition to the total cost depending on the complexity of the pattern that was chosen.

Timber steps are charged per step because the process of installation is quite complex. For example, if the timber steps are to be laid unto a concrete slab, it would need proper sealing and additional moisture barrier as protection. In DIY Parquetry, Cork & Timber Flooring, glues, sealants and other products needed for the installation process are included in the costing.

rose gum floor by DIYSanding which is very important in timber flooring is also included in the cost of installation. Beading and skirting is extra depending on the type you already have or choose for your new floor. Discuss all factors your installer to ensure everything falls perfectly.

Room preparation for timber flooring

Room preparation is very important to the final finish of your floor. We can help you prepare the room where the timber flooring is to be installed, remove all carpets, lino and other materials to ensure everything is clean and set before the installation begins.

Here at DIY Parquetry, Cork & Timber Flooring, we always recommend customers visit timber showrooms to see the different options on offer, you can see samples of timbers, finishes, standards, board sizes and coatings. Can’t make it into Bunbury; call and we can come and see you for a free measure, quote and to discuss options.

Call DIY Parquetry, Cork & Timber Flooring now to discuss your requirements and get a FREE quote.

2015 Regional Telethon Home is Complete

Did you see Cole in the paper?

2015 Telethon Home Bunbury

2015 Regional Telethon Home

D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring is very pleased to have supplied, layed, sanded and sealed the floors in this years 2015 Regional Telethon Home which will be completed this week.

The home is For Sale Now or By Auction 11th October 2015.

2015 Regional Telethon Home is located in Dalyellup and will be open for view from 26th Sepetember Mon – Wednesday afternoon and Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Away from traditional suburbia, but only 7 minutes from Bunbury and the entertainment, restaurants, and great shopping this home offers a great family lifestyle.

This years Telethon home is a traditional styled home planned to accommodate a modern lifestyle. It is a spacious home that features a central dining area which opens onto a spacious living area and verandah. A gourmet kitchen and a separate fully appointed scullery will certainly make dining easy. The home is zoned to accommodate a private adult wing with the master bedroom plus private retreat, with the remaining three bedrooms located at the other end of the home separated by a central activity room.

Spacious, relaxed and perfect to enjoy.  It’s a large home that has something for all family members. Go to telethone.7 for more information.

2015 Regional Telethon Home is now for sale

Why a Timber or Similar Floor?

Why use Timber or Similar?


Timber is natural, hard wearing and when maintained and kept clean it avoids carrying dust and allergens which promote asthma and other respiratory problems. Similarly, timber floors have an environmental impact which creates 5 times less carbon emissions than ceramic tiles (source: CRC for Greenhouse Accounting). Timber makes a feature of your floor that enhances your furnishings and will outlive you if properly maintained. Similarly, the other products (cork, bamboo and laminate) provide a similar appearance or character to that of a timber floor.

With the correct coating for your circumstances and regular cleaning your timber floor finish may last for up to 8 years before you need to consider recoating. The cost of recoating a timber floor is far more affordable than replacing carpet which begins to look worn, in many cases after 5 or so years. Similarly, the coatings on many prefinished floors are very wear resistant and these products too can be sanded back and a finish applied to provide additional life to your floor.

Correct Maintenance for your Floor

Always use the coating or product manufacturers’ recommendations concerning the method of regular maintenance that is best for your floor. Your atfa professional will be able to let you know these details.

As a general guide, anti-static mops are effective for collecting dust and grit and vacuum cleaners (ensuring the brushes are not worn) are also effective.

Damp mopping once a month provides an effective deep clean for some finishes and when carried out with recommended mild cleaners will not harm the floor. Be mindful that timber is a ‘living’ thing and will absorb water if applied too liberally.


The options for coatings range from solvent based polyurethanes, through to water based finishes and oil based finishes. Depending on the type of floor installed, the locality of the house and climate, some floor finishes will be more appropriate than others.

Traditional oil based finishes including Tung oil and Linseed oil were used with waxes but now work well with acrylics as a better form of maintenance. They do darken over time. Solvent based polyurethanes tend to be more wear resistant and come in a wide range of gloss variations.

Water based finishes, usually acrylic, are growing rapidly in popularity. They too are hard wearing, can provide a subdued appearance and range in gloss variations. It is, however, important to note that irrespective of the finish type and whether applied at installation or factory as a prefinished product, scratches can occur and appropriate precautions and practices are necessary in all cases to minimise this.

It is recommended a newly coated floor is leftas long as possible (approximately one week), before residents move in, to ensure suitable hardening. Speak to D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring, we are your atfa professional and can give you accurate advice.

How to care for timber floors?

Your timber floors are a great asset to your home.

Here is how to care for your timber floors:

Timber flooring needs proper care and maintenance, remember prevention is better than cure so here are a few things that can harm your timber flooring:

  • Sand
  • Sun

Sand is one thing that could harm your beautiful flooring without you knowing it. It is mostly cause by sand which was brought inside by footwear; it acts like sandpaper which can scratch and mark your floors. Solution to this scenario is to have a mat outside your door, this will, if not eliminate, reduce the sands that enters your house. Another option is to get people to remove their shoes when entering your house. Place mats in entry areas of your home so that they catch the sand and dirt before it enters your home and can damage your lovely wooden floors.

Sun can cause your timber floor to fade, develop gaps or just dry out. Extreme sunlight that directly hits your floor can affect the performance of your floor’s finish. Curtains or window blinds can prevent this from happening. It reduces and even blocks the sunlight from entering your house. Added advantage is it keep your home cooler

When prevention is nicely done, maintenance will be easier.

A regular sweeping, vacuuming and cleaning will definitely keep your floor in best condition. Spot cleaning or spot mopping should be done when liquid spillage happen. When spill occur, mop them up immediately and this will prevent most staining. If stains do occur contact DIY Parquetry Timber and Cork Flooring for specialist advice your particular need.

Always keep in mind to check your vacuum cleaners brushes if it is already worn out, replace it instantly as it well scratch your floor.

Dry mopping and damp mopping are two different means of cleaning your floor. Dry mopping can be done as often as possible without you having to worry about damaging your floor. Damp mopping on the other hand should be done with proper knowledge of your floors condition, always see to it that the finish is intact to avoid damaging your timber floor. When damp mopping, wet the mop first then wring it out properly then you can start mopping.

Avoid using detergents or abrasive cleaners when mopping as they are proven harsh to your floor’s finish.

For all your tips on how to care for your timber floors contact DIY Parquetry Timber and Cork Flooring is your local floor specialist. We offer a wide variety of hard wood flooring solution to fit best to your need. Call us now to discuss your needs.

Will bamboo flooring suit my home?


Imagine being able to step on a warm, beautiful floors inside your home. It’s an amazing feeling. Bamboo gives your home a lovely character and feel.

You can’t go wrong with bamboo flooring, assorted colour and effects to choose from and it is a sustainable, natural product..

Yes bamboo flooring will suit your home because:

  • Environment friendly
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Cost effective
  • Resistant to water, scratches and insect

Environment friendly.  Bamboo is a natural product that is quick to grow and require only about 6 years to be mature and ready for harvested.

Durable and easy to maintain

Bamboo flooring can withstand constant pressure in high traffic areas inside your home making them durable. They are easy to clean and maintain. Regular sweeping with a broom and a weekly vacuum will keep your floor looking good. Within minutes, your bamboo flooring is wiped clean. From time to time a good mop using a small amount of warm water is also a good idea.

Cost effective

Bamboo cost less than many traditional hardwoods. They are also light in weight, thus reducing your delivery cost. With bamboo flooring, you always get what you pay for, so choose a quality product and you won’t regret it.

Resistant to water, scratches and insect

Bamboo flooring is resistant to water, insect attack and because the surface is quite hard it will resist most everyday scratches making it the perfect flooring for a growing family. This type of flooring is also very stable and will resist most temperature changes making them less prone to expansion and contaction with is perfect for our Australian climate.

Will bamboo flooring suit my home?

Yes – absolutely. Bamboo is perfectly suited to your home. Bamboo flooring will complement your décor and furniture, bringing a warmth and comfort to your home.

For all your bamboo flooring needs, contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring and get your free measure and quote.

The choice of species influences the colour of a floor.

Jarrah solid wood flooring from D.I.Y Parquetry and CorkThe many timber species used in timber floors provide us with a rich array of colours and grain patterns. In some species, the natural colours will be fairly consistent while others can involve a blend of several colours and tones. This is particularly the case where the sapwood (the outer layer of timber beneath the bark) is often much lighter in colour than the heartwood. Even within a single species and within individual trees, large colour variations of the heartwood can occur. In addition, the age of the tree has a significant effect on the colour with timber from younger trees often being lighter in colour than more mature trees.

When choosing a timber species you therefore need to consider the following:

• Are you looking for a timber species or a timber colour? If you are more concerned with colour then ensure that you are accepting of the colour variations that may occur in that species. You may also wish to consider another similar coloured species or whether mixed species of similar colour are available that would be more suited to the look you are seeking.

• Photos in magazines or off computer screens will NOT give you a realistic representation of species colour. Even a sample flooring board provides just one representation of the colour in that species. Due to this, larger panels in showrooms should be viewed although even these are unlikely to be able to cover the full range of potential colour variation.

• If you like the colours in a species from one supplier, should you expect that the colours in that species will be the same from another supplier? No, there is no assurance that this will be the case due to differences in growing region and tree age.

It is important to remember that when choosing a timber floor, no matter how large the showroom sample is that you have seen, it is only indicative of the species colour and natural variation that may be expected.

Your floor will be different from these samples and totally unique to you in its beauty.
Talk to D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring, your flooring specialists today
on 0409 081 679.

Article courtesy of Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA)

Why choose timber flooring?

When you are renovating or designing a new room, it is important to consider what flooring you will have for your new area. Have you considered choosing timber flooring?

Why use timber flooring?

Imagine stepping into your front door and you are greeted with your timber flooring at home. It seems to weave a magic all over your home. Your new timber flooring will provide warmth, richness and character that no other types of flooring can match. This type of  flooring also offers several benefits to homeowners like you.

When choosing timber flooring, you might be faced with several questions. Below are some questions and answers that you need to know about timber flooring.

How long will they last?

Timber floors are durable and can last for a life time if looked after correctly. They also require a little TLC from you. You won’t have to worry, if you can get value for your money. With timber flooring, you get to enjoy the classic feeling inside your home for a long time, and for generations to come.

Are they easy to install?

Yes! You don’t have to wait for months to get your own timber flooring – especially if you get the services of a professional flooring company.

How much is the cost?

Wood flooring such as timber flooring are a good investment. Imagine not having to replace your flooring for a long time. Timber flooring is beautiful – no need to install carpets anymore or reinstall!  Exact coat depends on size, location and type of timber floor you choose.

Need for information and a free measure and quote? Call D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber and Cork are your flooring specialists to discuss your flooring options today.