Bamboo floors, are they a healthy choice?

Bamboo5Looking for a healthy choice in flooring for your home? What type of flooring should go with your new home?

  • Do you want to increase the stainability of your home?
  • Do you just want to beautify your home?
  • Do want to an environmentally friendly option?

Bamboo flooring is a perfect healthy, sustainable and environmental friendly choice.

Bamboo is a perfect all round flooring

Although most people refer to bamboo is a hardwood floor strictly, it is not. Bamboo behaves like hardwood, looks like hardwood. Bamboo is a type of grass which has been utilised for different purposes for thousands of years and more recently as, flooring.

Bamboo floors have become a popular choice for many home owners because they are:

  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable

With its exotic look and hard wearing, how can you resist bamboo flooring for your home?

Is it a healthy choice?

Many of us want beautiful flooring and want to make sure we are making a healthy flooring choice. It is great to now that there is flooring perfect for people with allergies and at the same time, is good for the environment, plus it is beautiful too. Luckily, bamboo is a grass that matures very quickly and renews itself naturally. This meant that using bamboo as your flooring doesn’t harm our environment and you get yourself a flooring material that is hard wearing and durable. How lucky can you get?

Bamboo flooring is fashionable, stylish and the latest trend in the flooring industry. They are a good substitute for your hardwood flooring. Can you think of anything much better?

Should you install bamboo flooring for your home, absolutely! Contact D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring, we sell and install quality bamboo floors that will be perfect for you. Ring us now for a free measure and quote.