Best flooring for dogs – a buyer’s guide

dog on wood floorWhen you own a dog, your first concern might be your floor. As much as you love your dog, you also want to care for your flooring. How to find a flooring that is perfect for your pet dog? While scratches and falling pet hair are inevitable, the best flooring for dogs can withstand daily wear and tear.

The best flooring for you and your dog!

There are many flooring options today but one of the most dogs friendly is hardwood floors. Hardwood floor and your pet dog, yes it’s a perfect match. Hardwood floors are not just beautiful and classic but are great flooring for dogs. However, you have to be careful when choosing hardwood floor. For the best value, choose solid or engineered hardwood.

When installing a hardwood floor make sure it has a tough finish and the highest Janka hardness score. That way, you’re ensured that your flooring can last for really a long time with your pet dog around.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are solid wood flooring and when modern processes are now more stable than ever. When it has seen better days, you can resand it to bring back its beauty. However, this will generally be after years of uses. Even with a dog your hard work floors will outlive you, with a small amount of yearly maintenance and regular cleaning.

Bamboo and good option for flooring with pets.

Bamboo is another perfect option to have in your home when you have a dog. Although not strictly a hardwood (bamboo is classified as a grass) it behaves in a similar manner and is very strong. Best of all it is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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