What is the best flooring option for heavy foot traffic areas?

hardwoodThinking of having a wood floor for your home? Great!

When selecting the right floor option for your home, most of us tend to focus on the design, colour and the patterns of a wood material. While these things are important, you might be missing an important factor when choosing: the amount and type of traffic.

High footfall areas

Before choosing, think about where you will install your wood flooring. Is it in a high traffic area where high footfall is expected? While wood floorings are durable in general, some of them might not be too resistant to high traffic. Before you know it, your wood flooring already needs some refinishing or worse, replacement. To make sure you get not just the best design and style for your floor but as well as durability, here are some things you should consider:

  • Engineered wood floorings are perfect for areas with high humidity as they are better in handling temperature changes much better.
  • Choose thick boards. Compared to thinner ones, they are much better in withstanding high traffic.
  • Make sure your floor is properly fitted. This can only be done by a professional flooring company, so don’t hesitate.
  • Bamboo is very hardy, long wearing and durable. Although strictly not a wood floor it does have similar properties including the feel as hardwood flooring.

Jarrah solid wood flooring from D.I.Y Parquetry and Cork

What is the best flooring option for heavy foot traffic areas?

In general, wood floorings ( or bamboo) are better at handling the daily wear and tear even in high traffic areas. Apart from choosing the right floor materials, pay attention to floor maintenance. A good floor with no maintenance is not a good floor at all. Good floor need a little maintenance and that can make your floor not only resistant to high traffic but it can last longer!

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