Where can I install cork flooring in my home?

corkCork floors are as durable as most other floors. They are a natural product, environment friendly and come from a renewable source. However, some homeowners are hesitant to choose cork flooring because they think installation is limited to only certain places in the home.

Can I put cork in my kitchen?

Yes, of course you can! Cork is a naturally resilient material which makes it ideal for kitchens. With cork floors, spills are easier to handle too and, you’ll break fewer plates. Any items dropped on cork floors tend to bounce off which means less chance of breaking – unlike a tiled floor.Cork flooring is warm and soft underfoot too, which is perfect for homeowners who love to spend time in their kitchen.

Can I put cork floors in my bathroom?

Yes, absolutely! Cork is so warm it can transform your bathroom in no time. Don’t worry about moisture and spills because cork is naturally resilient to humidity and mould. However, make sure to wipe any spills promptly, so you don’t put your cork floor at risk.

Can a cork floor be installed in my cellar or storage room?

Yes, it can – provided you had it tested for moisture. Don’t worry about excessive moisture as it can be controlled and brought to an acceptable level by applying special coats. Glue down corks or floating planks can be used in your storage room but it is mostly recommended to use a floating floor system. You can ask your flooring contractor on what they suggest.

Where can I install cork flooring?

Basically, anywhere inside your home! When unsure, always asks your flooring contractor – they can give you expert advice regarding your home flooring. Need to install a cork floor? Contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Floor for all your flooring needs. Ring us today and discuss your needs with us.