Caring of your hardwood floor!

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Properly cleaned hardwood flooring

The best cleaning agent that man ever discovered is water. Yes, water cleans everything very well, and that includes your hardwood floor. Before cleaning you floor with water, a test should be performed first.

This is because your hardwood floors are also prone to water damage. Now this might sound a bit complex, how come something which can cause damage to hardwood will be used as a cleaning solution?

Before cleaning your floor

Before cleaning your floor for the first time, test to see what the type of finishing has been used.

Today’s wood floors are made to be waterproof but they are not always 100% water proof! Yes, water can cause damage to wood if the floor it has not been finished properly or given too much exposure to water. You should only clean your flooring with dry mops and use a small amount of  water sparingly.

Here are easy step to test the surface of your hardwood flooring and see if it has polyurethane finish, or if it has been waxed or simply oiled.

  1. Choose a small part of you floor, probably an area which is mostly hidden or a part that is not entirely exposed. Best sample for this is in wall corners or at the back of the door.
  2. Put a drop of water on it.
  3. Allow water particles to completely evaporate. Then check.

If a small circle can be seen forming the droplet of water that evaporated already, the floor is waxed or oiled. You can remove the white circle by applying a small amount of wax. Immediately, call you floor installer and ask for cleaning recommendation.

For hardwood floors which are laminated of have been finished with polyurethane chemicals, cleaning it with water is okay. But it should be done with proper care because too much or too long exposure to water can remove affect your hardwood floor’s appearance. After dry mopping or wiping with small amount clean water, instantly follow up with a clean and dry rug. This is to avoid moisture from developing in your hardwood floor’s surface.

Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaner used in cleaning hardwood floors can sometimes leave marks. Always check your vacuum cleaner’s condition before cleaning. When purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, always choose the one that is light in weight to ensure a smooth and easy cleaning session.

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