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Frequently asked questions about hardwood flooring you should know!

wood floorAre you looking for the right flooring for your home? Whether it’s a floor for a new home or you need a replacement for your old floor, it’s a great idea to choose hardwood flooring. Tough, durable and built to last, hardwood floors have an unmatched beauty. It gives off a warm look making everyone inside your home feel cosy and comfortable.

Beautiful hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring can be a beautiful investment for your home. They will make your look gorgeous plus its classic look never fades with time – they are always in style! They may seem pricey compared to other types of flooring, but it’s a worthy lifelong investment for your money.With regular care and maintenance, it can even outlast you!! Despite its popularity, some homeowners are still unsure about hardwood flooring, constantly enquiring. Here are a few frequently asked questions about hardwood flooring with the correct answers:

Can we install hardwood flooring if we have a pet dog or cat?

Many homeowners with pets are installing hardwood flooring. Your pet claws may scratch your flooring but it is your duty to trim your pet’s claws and nails on a regular basis to prevent floor scratches.

kitchen hardwood floorIs it safe to use hardwood flooring in the kitchen?

Yes – it will make your kitchen look very welcoming. One just needs to use caution where there may be a few spills and possible moisture.  As these are common issues, just be sure to wipe away any wetness as it happens or even place some mats around.

Can you install hardwood floor over a concrete slab?

Yes, given the concrete slab is properly dried, free of grease, oil, stains and dust. Be sure to ask your flooring contractor about your options to maximise the use of your flooring by suing the correct underlay.

Can we put hardwood flooring over an existing floor?

In some situations, yes. The existing flooring has to be fully adhered to the sub floor and be compressed enough not to create any bounce at all.

Frequently asked questions about hardwood flooring you should know!

If you have further questions about hardwood flooring, contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We can give you the answers you need and help you find the right flooring for your home. Ring us today for a free measure and quote.


Most common wood flooring installation mistakes

Timber productsHardwood floors are elegant and look very natural. These are just one of the many reasons why most homeowners are choosing this type of flooring for their homes. Its durability makes it a good long term investment. If fitted properly and in accordance with the installation process, it can make your home look more beautiful.

However, you have to know that when the installation process goes wrong, you may encounter more serious problems with your floor. You might not be aware of it but here are the most common wood flooring installation mistakes that you should know:

Installing it over the under floor heating system

Avoid this at all cost. All wood floors installed over the under floor heating system may bend, warp, split and shrink. If you want to enjoy your hardwood floor for longer, always keep this in mind.

Installing it over a newly laid concrete which hasn’t dried out yet

The humidity level of the sub floor should not exceed 6%. In such cases, when you decided to install your wood floor even before the concrete dries out and warms up, your floor will absorb the moisture thus making your wood floor expand, warp and can cause cupping.

Not leaving enough expansion space between the plank edges and the wall

As a natural product, wood floors are sensitive to moisture and any change in temperature. It is recommended to leave an expansion space of 1-2cm to allow the wood to expand or contract without creating any serious problem.

Most common wood flooring installation mistakes

To make sure you don’t make these mistakes, contact D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring.

We supply DIY flooring and will give advice on the best laying methods or we can do a supply and full installation service. At D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring  we can even do repairs, often replacing only the damaged section so well that you will never know.

Ring D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring today to get you’re a no hassle, no obligation quote or come down to our showroom for a closer look at our products and services.

How often should you clean your hardwood floor?

timber floorsHaving a hardwood floor is an investment. With proper care and maintenance, your hardwood floor can last for many years. For many homeowners, one thing they want to do is to keep their floor clean. This, among other things makes them wonder how often they should clean their floor.

Is it daily? Once a week or twice a month? Well, the answer depends on a few things. Actually, you can choose to clean your floor as often as you want. You may be a little time poor, or might just want to know when is the right time to clean your hardwood floor?

There is no definite answer to any of your questions but you might want to make cleaning a regular habit if:

  • You have small children at home. Children should not be exposed to a dirty floor where they may pick up germs.
  • You have pets. Your dog will enter in and out of your home regularly, tracking in dirt. It’s good to clean your floor to keep the dirt minimal.

If you said “yes”to any of the above mentioned, you might as well consider cleaning your floor on a daily basis.

Traffic flow matters too!

Is the area receiving high traffic every day or not? If yes, sweeping the area more often can get rid of the daily dirt and makes less work in the long run. For areas that receive less traffic, a weekly sweep and once a month mop is a good idea.

Don’t forget to have your floor cleaned promptly after parties and gatherings! Guests tend to leave spills behind and it’s always easier to clean before it sets into a sticky mess.

How often should you clean your hardwood floor?

Having a clean floor doesn’t just give your home a fresh look but it can also add more years to your floor. For your flooring needs, contact D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We can install any flooring of your choice – including parquetry, bamboo and cork floors. Ring your floor specialists today for a free quote.

Different flooring options for your individual needs!

Hardwood by DIYAlright, you’ve just decided on having hardwood floor for your home. Hardware flooring is lovely, elegant and offer warmth indoors, perfect for your needs. However, hardwood floors come in a variety of styles designs and can be made from different materials. What should you choose?

Hardwood floor and its types

The best thing about hardwood flooring is that your options can be varied, depending on your taste and needs. If you want something simple and uncomplicated, you can go for a plain hardwood floor. If you want something that is unique and catches attention easily, a parquetry floor or feature piece can be a good idea.

Yes, there are a lot of hardwood floor options to choose from but when deciding; it would be a wise idea if you know what kind of flooring a certain contractor is offering?

Bunbury D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring are a flooring specialist that offers different kinds of flooring. We offer:

  • Parquetry flooring
  • Cork flooring
  • Bamboo flooring
  • Timber flooring

We know that tastes varies from one person to another; D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring offering a wide range of flooring options to suit your every requirements and needs.

What can you expect from us?

Apart from offering full flooring installation of different kinds, you can also get:

  • Great warranties
  • Licenced services
  • Project follow up
  • Flooring project done in time
  • Friendly experts and many more!

Together with our flooring specialist and professionals, we help you to create timelessly elegant floors using all the latest techniques in the market available. Come visit our showroom and discuss your flooring needs. D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring are located at Unit 1 / 4 Station Complex, Picton Rd, Bunbury.

We will be happy to show you around and answer your queries. Or if you don’t have the time, you can ring D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring on 0409 081 679 and discuss your needs with us today.


5 FAQ questions asked about hardwood floors

hardwood floor for your homeHardwood floors are a beautiful asset in any home; they are aesthetic and hardwearing. However some niggling questions might come to your mind about how to properly look after them or install them. Read these 5 frequently asked questions and their answers to put your mind at rest.

  1. How to keep hardwood flooring clean and looking like new?
  2. Should I buy prefinished or unfinished hardwood?
  3. How to prevent the colour of hardwood floor from fading?
  4. I don’t have enough money for installation. Can I just do it myself?
  5. I am worried about pets scratching the floor. What can I do to prevent this?

How to keep the hardwood flooring clean and look like new?

Regularly clean the floors by using a broom, a mop, and  /or vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt and grit.Many things you’ll bring in on your shoes, sand especially, can damage the finish. Use outdoor and indoor door mats and shoe cleaners to minimise dirt, debris and moisture at the entry halls before it reaches the floor.

Always keep the surface of the floor dry. Wipe up spills immediately using dry cloth to avoid moisture. Never allow spills to remain on the wood of your floors as it can cause them rot or discolour over time.

Walk barefoot on the floors to avoid scratches on the finish or causing dents in your floors. If your floors are looking a little dull use wood flooring cleaner recommended by the installer to renew  the lustre following the directions labelled in it to get the best results.

Should I buy prefinished or unfinished hardwood?

If you want to match an existing hardwood floor with a new one in your home you may think of using unfinished hardwood,followed by application of a stain and finish. However this method may take up a lot of your time as finishing on site takes longer than just installing prefinished hardwood floors in your home.

Speaking of comfort, you may encounter inconvenience with dust from sanding and fumes from sealants while waiting for the work to be done at your home. If you want easy and hassle free installations then choose prefinished hardwood, it’s the best option to save you money and time. Or even better still get a professional floor installer to do it for you.

timber floorHow to prevent the colour of hardwood floor from fading?

Hardwood floors naturally undergo subtle colour changes as they age. This natural process is called patina; it in itself will add beauty to the floor. But there are some factors that drastically affect the changes of wood colours, such as sun exposure. Prevent direct sunlight from hitting your flooring.

You can minimise heat exposure by closing your curtains to block the sun. Apply water-based finishes to retain the colour of the wood floors as it minimises long term colour changes.

I don’t have enough money for installation. Can I just do it myself?

Yes. If you are that DIY type of person then you can do the work yourself. We can offer supply only for wood floor installations, just remember to carefully read and follow the directions to get the best results. But if you don’t have the time to do it all yourself, we recommend hiring professional installers that meet your exact requirements.

I am worried about pets scratching the floor. What can I do to prevent this?

Prevent scratches on the floors by regularly sweeping up the dirt that your pets bring in. You can also keep your floor smooth and flawless by trimming your pet’s nails regularly. Place scatter rugs on the floor to reduce the dirt and grit reaching the floors. If your pet comes inside muddy and filthy just give them a wash before freerun of the house is given.

It is best to consult a professional contractor to ask for specific advice about repairing scratches and avoiding them next time.

5 FAQ questions asked about hardwood floors

Read and follow the tips to get the best results you ever desired.

Need help installing your hardwood floors?

Contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring on 0409 081 679 to get your free quote today for all your flooring needs.

4 ways to get rid of wood flooring gaps

gappingThink the weather can only affect the exterior of your home? You can think again, it can affect the inside too! As the humidity rises and falls, it’s common for gaps to appear in your hardwood floors. Gaps are caused by the wood expanding and compressing, depending on the weather condition. However, don’t worry because it may take years before gaps will show.

Don’t delay fixing wood gaps!

If your wood flooring has been with you for quite a long time, don’t be surprised to see some flooring gaps. Flooring gaps will show but you can minimise gaps by making sure the temperature inside is stabilised. However, if you discover there are gaps, it’s important that you take care of it sooner rather than later. Too many gaps or extremely wide gaps may be hard to fix so at the first sight of gaps, fixing them is important.

Here are 4 ways to get rid of flooring gaps:

Sliding boards back into their place

In case the floor is not fixed to the sub floor, you can move it. Work around the perimeter of the room and carefully get the boards back into their place. Remember; do not drag heavy furniture as this can caused wood gaps to appear again.

Filler strips

Put filler strips into the gaps. These fillers are fine lengths of wood the same colour as your flooring. It’s a very easy solution and after placing the strips, you may be required to sand the floor to make it smooth.

Gap filling with dust and resin

Gaps can also be filled with dust and resin. This solution is perfect for small gaps. Put together some sawdust with the same colour as your floor with clear resin filler until you get a firm paste. Using a spatula, apply the paste on the gap – it’s easy and gives an excellent result!

Acrylic filler

There are a lot of colours you can choose for your acrylic filler. Pick a colour which suits your wood flooring and then follow the instructions on the product. This will provide a smooth result.

4 ways to get rid of wood flooring gaps

Don’t be afraid of wood gaps anymore! These 4 ways can fix any wood gaps – quick and easy!

Repairing your floorSolid Wood Flooring Repair by DIY Parquetry & Cork

For your wood flooring and repair needs, contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We are your flooring specialists in Bunbury and the surrounding areas. Talk to us before ordering a whole to new floor, often we can repair the damaged piece and make the rest of the floor look like new. It costs nothing to ring and discuss your needs with DIY Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. Ring us today for a free quote.





What’s the right colour for your floor?

wood floorYou can’t go wrong with installing wood floors in your home. Hardwood floors are beautiful to look at but they don’t stand alone, they need to complement your walls, interior design and colour scheme.

What if you choose a random colour?

If you randomly choose a colour just because you like it without considering the existing look and appearance of your home, you’ll be disappointed with the results later. Before you know it, you realise you just lose a considerable amount of time, money and effort on your flooring project. You don’t want that, do you? Then, you should choose the right wood colour for your floor.

Choosing the right wood colour

Today, wood floors are available in so many colours which mean that there is something that can match just about any designs and ideas you have. While it’s good to be creative to try something new, when it comes to choosing the right colour for your wood flooring, there are certain guidelines to follow in order to avoid making costly and embarrassing flooring mistakes.

Here are some tips for you follow:

  • Room size, ceiling height and wall colour should be considered. The colour of your wood floor should complement them to get quality results.
  • Avoid using dark wood colours in small rooms with dark walls as this will make the room look gloomy.
  • Dark wood colours are a good choice since they can bring out the warmth in other elements of your décor.
  • For low ceiling rooms, go for lighter shade of wood colour.
  • Go with colours that contrast and complement your existing colour scheme. Don’t choose the same colour for your wood floor and furniture.
  • For classic look, go for natural unstained wood, they’ll go well with your dream design.
  • For chic and modern interiors, go for darker and black tones.

While your personal preference is very important, it should not be your only deciding factor.

Want some hardwood samples? For your hardwood floor sample and installation services, contact D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We offer hardwood of different kinds that can make your home stand out. Ring us now for a free measure and quote.


Are hardwood floors perfect for entrance ways?

entryway by DIYFirst impressions count.  Entrance ways should be beautiful, welcoming and inviting. This is a space that needs proper furnishing where all aspects; including the perfect floor, work together to create an area of beauty.

Entryway flooring options

There are many options of flooring for you to choose from when it comes to your entryway. In fact, any type of flooring is good. You can choose cork flooring, bamboo, or hardwood floors. However, when choosing entryway flooring, consider hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors are lovely and make good flooring for entrance ways and here is why:

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and easy repair
  • Timeless appeal

Easy to clean

The floor in your entryway should be easy to clean and that is exactly what a hardwood floor offers. An entryway is a high traffic area; family members and guests will enter through this area, track in dirt and grime. To clean a hardwood floor, sweep first, then mop, dry mop any excess water and after a couple minutes your floor is clean again.

Durable and easy repair

Your entryway gets the most foot traffic so it should be durable and be able to withstand the daily wear and tear. Hardwood flooring is built to last so it will cope a lot better than many other flooring options. Plus if your old hardwood floor does start to look tired, you can have easily it refinished to make it look like new again!

Timeless appeal

Hardwood flooring can last for years and blend well with the current flooring trends. Flooring styles may change every year but hardwood flooring will always remain beautiful and trendy – a classic characteristic no other flooring can match. Wood flooring is the constant in housing trends for hundreds of years.

Are hardwood floors perfect for entrance ways?

Yes, they are. It is great to look at on its own or you can pair it up with a colourful rug or decorative doormat to have that more personalised feel. With help from D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring, your entryway will look fabulous. Call us today and let’s discuss your hardwood flooring options for your entryway or any part of your home. For floors for now and years to come; call D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring.

How to bring back your timber floors shine?

timber flooringDull floors are unappealing in your home. Give your home the TLC it deserves and bring your floor back to life by renewing its shine of your timber flooring. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sweep off the dirt
  2. Mix your cleaner
  3. Mop the floor
  4. Spray the cleaner
  5. Wipe the spills

Sweep off the dirt

Before doing further cleaning, make sure to clear the area and the floor surface of any light furniture, toys, shoes, magazines etc. Use soft broom to sweep the dust and dirt away and remove it. Focus more on the edges, your hall ways and other areas that are prone to heavy traffic. Frequently sweep the surface to prevent build-up of grim, minimising the amount of cleaners you will use later. Vacuuming is another good way to remove the dirt, make sure you get right to the edges and corners using a soft brush attachment.

Mix your cleaner

Mix white vinegar and vegetable oil in a spray bottle. Vinegar removes dirt and the vegetable oil helps condition the wood which keeps it smooth and shiny.

Making nontoxic cleaners will help you remove the hidden grime that dulls the floor and regulate the wood to retain its luster.

Use equal amount for both the vinegar and oil then shake the cleaner well every time you will use it to ensure that it doesn’t separate and prevent the oil from going rancid.

Mop the floor

After making your cleaner, run the floor with a soft cloth mop at least once a week. Start from the bottom to the top. Make sure to focus on high traffic areas as they require more frequent mopping than the less affected areas. Use a damp mop with hot water. Don’t over water you floor and always dry mop afterwards to remove all excess water.

Spray the cleaner

Spray enough cleaner on the wood floor; too much cleaner will not help and can just make your floor oily. Floor cleaner should be applied in small amounts to prevent over wetting which damages the flooring. Apply floor cleaner with just enough water to get balanced and good looking floors.

Wipe the spills

Immediately wipe the residue off the floor using a clean mop head or soft towel. Wood floors can’t stand being too wet and excess water will damage your floor. Do a circular motion to wipe up any spills or excess which will buff the floor and bring out its shine. Protect the floors and they will give you a long lasting glow in your home!

How to bring back your timber floor shine

Easy! Just follow the 5 steps.

Need a new timber floor?

Contact DIY Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring on 0409 081 679 to discuss your timber needs; or drop into the showroom at Unit 1/4 Station Complex Picton Rd, Bunbury Western Australia.We travel and give free onsite quotes call today to make your appointment.

Can flooring make my room look bigger?

Timber productsIs your room small? Renovating is huge expense, so why not use a few clever techniques to make your room look bigger?

Having a small space may seem hard but can really be for the best when you learn how to give the illusion of a larger space. Take full advantage of your space by using these tips:

Easy ways to make a small room look bigger

Yes, this is possible – even without doing some expensive renos or makeover. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of making the most of what you have. Here are some ways on how to make a small room look bigger:

1. Use wide planks. Using wide planks can make your room appear bigger. Fewer seams can create a more open pattern that looks less busy and confining.

2. Use dark wood. Dark wood doesn’t create a constraining look. When paired with the right wall colour and décor, dark wood can make your home look bigger. To use this trick, remember to choose a cool paint colour for your walls.

3. Don’t clutter your room, remember less is more.

4. Have your board layed long ways in your room, this draws the eye down the length of the room and makes it appear bigger.

There you have it. You don’t have to own a large home to enjoy living, smaller a rooms are easier to clean and keep tidy. With these tips, you can transform the place you live into the place you love.

Can flooring make my room look bigger?

Yes. Looking for hardwood supply or a flooring contractor? Contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We have lots of different ideas you can use to make a small room look bigger. We offer hardwood products of different types, species and size. We are your flooring specialist located in Bunbury and we travel. Call us now for a free quote.