Cork flooring: beautiful, soft and warm



Imagine having the perfect floor…

Luxuriously soft

Naturally comfortable

Beautiful to look at

You couldn’t possibly ask for more! You can have all this and more if you choose to install cork flooring in your home.

Cork flooring, your best choice

Start by having the best flooring option installed in your home. You deserved to have the best and that means, having a cork floor. Cork flooring is beautiful, soft and warm to touch, yet easy to care for.  It is durable and able to handle all kinds of traffic including children and pets.  Cork flooring is very convenient under foot and has natural thermal insulating properties making it a comfortable choice all year round –perfect for the spring weather.

With cork flooring, you have a beautiful, stylish and durable floor for a very long time.

Choose cork flooring now

Cork flooring is comfortable, stylish, flexible and highly functional.  It can fit into any type of decor in your home -whether your home has a modern theme or a traditional style.It is an environmentally friendly choice as it is made from a renewable source. With cork flooring installed, you don’t have to worry about your family’s health, at all; as it is easy to clean and is resistant to mould and mildew.

Cork floors have a natural appearance, which gives your home a unique style. It creates an elegant look to your home. You couldn’t possibly be prouder!

Cork flooring can be installed in any part of your home, but is mostly used in areas where they can be fully appreciated such as:

  • Entrances
  • Hallways
  • Family rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Theatre Room
  • Living Room
  • Activity Area
  • Children’s Playroom

To add more, cork is a natural material and therefore a wonderfully unique flooring material. This adds to the beauty of your cork flooring.

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