Floor Finishes: Water or Oil-Based?

Marri hardwood flooring

Marri hardwood flooring

Thinking about installing a new hardwood floor or refinishing your current floor? Whatever it is, you’re about to make a big decision. Do you choose a water or oil-based floor finish? They’re both durable and good looking, but they have differences. It can be a bit confusing, but once you understand the differences between the two, it will be a breeze for you!

How to know what finish your current floor has?

If you are refinishing your current floor, you will want to know which finish to choose. Well, you can recoat a water-based finish with an oil-based finish,so long as the old finish has been removed properly before applying a new coat. If you want to apply the same finishing to revive your floor – here’s what you should do:

Look at your floor. If it appears yellowish or looks like it has a build up, it is likely to be an oil-based finish. Also, you can tell by how old the finish is. Water-based finishes were popular about 10 years ago. If your floor is older than that, then it is most probably oil-based.

Now, let’s talk about each finish, starting off witha water-based finish.

Water-based finish

A water-based finish is almost odourless. It provides a clear finish and is easy to apply. It is recommended that an application of 4 coats, be completed in a day. Each coat requires only 2 hours to dry before it can be applied again. However, a water-based finish will cost more than an oil-based finish and won’t give your floor that rich glow colour.

Oil based finish

It gives your floor a rich, amber glow. It has a strong odour that will go away over time. It requires fewer coats but needs a lot more time. Each coat requires 5 hours to dry and the final coat recommends at least 12 hours of drying.

Floor Finishes: Water or Oil-Based?

Both finishes are great and offer good protection – so it all comes down to your preference. For a natural look, go for a water-based finish but if you want that amber glow, choose the oil-based finish.

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