How much does a bamboo floor cost?

Bamboo5There’s more to bamboo flooring than just “bamboo” and that’s the main reason why it’s very popular in Australia. Durable, sustainable and beautiful, bamboo flooring has an elegant appearance that is surprisingly affordable.

Types of bamboo flooring

Technically, bamboo is a grass which makes it inexpensive compared to other hardwood flooring. Bamboo flooring can be created in three ways:

  • Horizontal structured
  • Vertically structured
  • Strand woven bamboo flooring

All these types of bamboo flooring are tough but strand woven bamboo is even tougher. Whatever your options might be, you can never go wrong with bamboo flooring.

Bamboo flooring cost

Once you have decided to install bamboo flooring, you’ll want to know its cost.

How much does a bamboo floor cost? The keyword is affordable but of course, you’d want to know how “affordable” the floor can be so it can fit right to your budget.

Well, the cost of bamboo flooring is dependent on several things that include:

  • The type of bamboo flooring
  • Professional installation cost
  • The size of the room

The type of bamboo flooring

The cost of bamboo flooring will vary greatly depending on the type of bamboo floor you would want to purchase. Different types of bamboo flooring have different prices due to some factors like the size and thickness of the material, the quality and how the flooring material is manufactured.

Professional installation cost

The installation process is an additional cost to the bamboo flooring material. If you have a smaller project, your installation cost of your new bamboo flooring will be less than a larger project. The installation costs will also depend on what type of floor you have laying it over. Is it a new concrete floor? An extension where you are bridging the old part of the home to the new and need a seamless floor? Are retro fitting a bedroom, making a new office?

All these things will influence the cost of any flooring.

The size of the room

The smaller the room, the less material you will use so you can expect to pay less too. You will need less bamboo floor, nails, labour and other installation materials.

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