How to make your Parquetry floors look as good as new this summer?

ParquetryParquetry floors can look beautiful in any type of home. It can match any home décor and looks perfect whether you have a traditional or contemporary home. When have parquetry you need to know a few tips on how to care for your floor, so you can keep it look like new for longer!

Maintaining your Parquetry floors

The floor in your home makes a grand statement. When your floor shines and looks extra beautiful, your home will have that “something” that makes it more attractive. This summer, make sure you bring out the best in your parquetry floor for your guests to appreciate. Whether your parquetry floor is in your living room, bedroom or entertaining area, these things can help you make your floor shine!

General care

Parquetry floors are made of wood and like any other wood flooring, the cleaning guidelines on wood floors can be applied to your parquetry floor.

  • Use a sweeper or vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt and dust
  • Use product that are specifically designed for wood flooring or Parquetry floors
  • Keep your floors dry all the time and manage the humidity levels inside
  • Use curtains to block direct sunlight as excessive sun exposure can cause floor fading

Regular maintenance

To keep your Parquetry floor look like new again, you have to do a deep, thorough cleaning. Follow these steps:

  • Sweep and vacuum the floor
  • Move away everything inside the room – furniture and appliances
  • Use a mop and water to clean the floor
  • Dry mop to remove any excess water, never leave your floor wet
  • Do not scrub too hard and use as little water as possible

That’s it! By regular cleaning and deep cleaning once in a while, your Parquetry floor will look as good as new, just in time for some summer lovin’ party!

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