How to protect your hardwood floors from winter

Your hardwood floors are tough, durable and yes, beautiful. During winter, they are exposed to heavy amount of traffic. Why, people just want to stay indoors! It’s important that you take good care of your floor as they are an asset to your home. Floor maintenance should be done all year round but they are more required during the chilly winter months.

What damage can winter cause to hardwood floors?

There are many factors that cause your floors to be damaged and sadly, the chilly weather doesn’t help. Things to watch out for are gaps, scrapes and scratches.

How to protect your hardwood floor from winter

Here are some things that you can do to help to prevent damage to your floors this winter:

1. Keep a consistent temperature. Sudden temperature changes can cause wood planks to separate. If you’re using a heater, avoid turning it into full blast, gradually increase the heat to protect your floor against separation and gapping.

2. Clean your floors. Sweep, vacuum and mop your floors. Do not let the dirt piled up!

3. Layout floor mats. Laying floor mats reduces the amount of traffic directly on to your flooring and decrease the amount of dirt coming in contact with your floor too.

4. Take off your shoes. Before entering your home, ask everyone to remove their shoes. Shoes are one of the most common tools for tracking in outside dirt, especially in the wet.

How to protect your hardwood floors from winter

Follow these tips and you will be able to enjoy your beautiful floors for many years to come.

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