How to Revamp Your Timber Floors

When your flooring is new it looks great and is shiny and bright. After years of use and sometimes abuse you solid wood flooring may need some attention.

What to do?

If your flooring looks old, should you replace it?

If you have solid wooden floors look at giving it a bit of TLC first.  You will probably find you will only have to revamp your timber floors, rather than replace it. Fixing your timber flooring will be much easier and cheaper than replacing it.


There are lots of ways on how to revamp your timber floors. Sanding is always the necessary first step to remove the existing finish on your floor. This will give you a blank canvas start working from and show up any damaged areas.

When sanding, you can consider hiring a sanding expert to do the job or do it yourself. When doing DIY sanding, keep a slow and even pace. Don’t stay too long in one place to prevent uneven looking floor. If you are unsure hiring a professional will be quicker and in the long run, cheaper.


One of the easiest ways to revamp your timber floor is to have it repair. First thing first, inspect your floor like you’ve never done before. Look for cracks and any damages on your floor. Some damage might be only be minor and you can fix it on yourself. For example, if there are some dry patches, you might be able to get away with re oiling the surface.

For major damage and large area, it’s best to call in the flooring experts; they have the experience, the tools and the know how to fix your flooring for you. Call in some professional help and let them bring back your old floor’s beauty.


Varnishing and refinishing your floor, after sanding and repairing you need to reapply the finish to your floor. It is important to use a varnish or finish that matched your floor. Choose a varnish that you like, make sure its long lasting and can give your floor the shine and brightness you want. There are lots of different varnishes, oils and finishes on the market so read the instructions carefully and make sure you make the all the tools before you start.

How to revamp your timber floor?

Easy, just follow the steps above and you can restore your timber flooring to its former glory. You’ll be amazed with the final product. Good luck!

Need professional help for your timber floor?

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