Important flooring terms you should know

hardwoodWhether you are planning to install wood flooring or replace your floor with hardwoods, it is important that you know the basic flooring terms. That way, you’ll be familiar with the terms that are used and it will make it easier to understand your flooring quote.

What are flooring terms?

These are terms used by contractors that describe the different processes of feature needed to lay a great floor. For example, when someone mentioned floating floor, contractors will instantly know just what type of flooring and installation needs to be done. There are so many flooring terms but the important thing is you need to learn the basic flooring terms.

Here are some basic flooring terms you should know:

Floating floor. Floating floors are a floor that is not glued or nailed to the subfloor – it “floats” above the subfloor. Floating floors are usual used when laying laminate or domestic vinyl floors.

Sprung floor. A sprung floor is a type of floating floor that usually consists of panels to reduce noise and vibration and used in commercial setting like dance floors.

Grade level.The grade of timber is the quality of the flooring. Higger

Hardness. The ability of flooring to withstand pressure that may result into dents, scratches and marks.Flooring hardness is measured by Janka Hardness Scale and the higher the number the harder the wood.

Warping. When flooring becomes bent or distorted due to dampness or heat.

Subfloor. The structural foundation of a floor that provides support for the flooring to be layed on. Typically, it is covered with another floor to create an even surface and to make it look more appealing.

Parquetry. Made from wooden block which are arranged in geometric pattern to create a stunning effect.Parquetry can be a feature inset in a hardwood or bamboo floor. You can use identical or contrasting wood, the choice is yours.

Laminate. A type of flooring made which is made from a composite of wood and glue sandwiched together under high pressure and high temperature. Laminates come in many colours and pattern to imitate the look of wood.

Important flooring terms you should know

Knowing these flooring terms can make your flooring experience easier. For your flooring needs, whether you want to have parquetry or cork flooring, contact D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We are your flooring specialist in Bunbury offering you free onsite quotes. Ring us now today to discuss your needs.