Is cork perfect for Christmas season?

cork flooringYes, cork flooring offers many benefits that can really make Christmas more fun and exciting.

  1. Can withstand heavy foot traffic
  2. Fire resistant
  3. Comfy underfoot
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Sound proof

Can withstand heavy foot traffic

Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate at your place. Expecting lots of visitors and family, worried about your flooring?

Don’t be if you have cork flooring. Cork can endure heavy foot traffic as it is made to be durable and long lasting. Cork flooring can resist pressure, scratches and dents. Cork bounces back after any pressure exerted on it.

If you have pets then you need to trim their nails short to ensure they can’t deeply scratch the flooring.

Fire resistant

Even during celebrations, accidents can still happen especially when safety precautions are not applied. Cork flooring is proven highly fire resistant that comply the Building Code of Australia.

Comfy underfoot

Make your guests feel homely and comfy in your home. Use cork flooring to provide a soft underfoot cosyfeel that you can stand on for hours. Cork provides a smooth surface, doesn’t hold dust or any allergens the way carpet does. Cork is easy to clean and even shedding pet hairs are easy to clean up.

Low maintenance

After party, your job is to clean up the entire area. But don’t worry as cork won’t require major cleaning to keep its durability.

Simply mop up any spills immediately they occur with paper towel. After the party has finished or the next morning sweep or vacuum up the loose dirt; then with soapy warm water, damp-mop the whole floor and dry mop at the end to make sure all the moisture has been removed.

If the floor is already dull with wear then you can resurface it. Avoid placing heavy objects in one area too long as it can fade the colour of the flooring. Best to use area rugs then move furniture occasionally.

Sound proof

Cork floors can minimise the noise in your area to make you enjoy celebration the most. Cork floors are sound-absorbing as they prevent sounds to bounce against the hard surfaces of the room.

Is cork perfect for Christmas season?


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