Light vs dark wood flooring, which is best?

marri blackbutt parquetry

marri blackbutt parquetry

Your floor might be right under your feet but floors play a big part in creating just the right look and feel inside your home. Often we forget to take the floor colour into consideration when we are designing the colour system of a room or your whole house.

Give importance to your floor

Having the right floor can allow you to set the right mood. You can go modern or traditional without spending too much on decor. The right flooring for your home can complement and bring out your home’s style in an instant. You want to have a beautiful home, so don’t neglect your flooring, it is an investment that can last a life time.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is stunning and is perfect for any type of home. The best thing about this type of flooring is that it comes in many types, designs and colours. With so many shades available, how do you decide between light and dark? Which is best? When choosing between light vs. dark wood flooring, here’s some tips to make the right choice.

  • Current décor or proposed décor
  • Style you want
  • Complementing vs. contrasting

Take a look at your current décor–If you don’t want to change your décor, make sure you choose a wood colour that complements your current décor and style. Also, keep in mind that lighter colours can make a room appear bigger and darker hue will create a more dramatic atmosphere, making your room appear smaller and cosy. Think about this when planning your new homes décor or when doing your renos.

Choose your style–There are many styles available. It’s up to you to choose – whether you’ll go with a contemporary look, modern and minimal, heritage or you’ll choose a more rustic appearance. Once you’ll figure this out, you can come up with the perfect style to give your home the character you are looking for. There are many different types of wood that will suit your choice and don’t discount bamboo flooring, not strictly a hardwood but has all hardwoods characteristics and more.

Complementing vs. contrasting–You need to create a unified look. Consider choosing a wood that complements the current accent woods. Choose your flooring carefully to match in with the wooden furniture you are planning for that room. On the other hand, contrasting colours help to create definition but be extra careful as improper use of colour can create colour riot.

You can always add colour with cushions, throw rugs or curtains. When thinking of flooring, go with something that you can live with for a very long time. Accessorise with furniture and window coverings and you will be able to have many styles for your home over the years so choose the right flooring that can give you many years of finding the perfect base to start your home décor from.

Light vs dark wood flooring, which is best?

Light vs dark wood flooring, which is best? That depends on your tastes and requirements for your room and the style of your home.

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