How to look after my wooden floor!

Sand, dirt and grit are the  worst enemy of your wooden floor which can cause damage when not cleaned and treated.

To help prevent dirt and grit scratching your floors’ surface using mats at the entrances of your home is a great idea. The dirt gets trapped in these mats and it is an effective way of reducing or preventing it from entering your house.

Here are other things to avoid which could cause damage to your wooden flooring:

  • Direct sun light can cause your wood to age and weather unevenly and cause areas to fade. This can be avoided by installing window blinds or curtains, even placing rugs over exposed floor areas can help.
  • Skid pads on the legs of chairs and tables are necessary so that they can be moved without marking or scratching on your floor surface.
  • Regular sweeping and vacuuming is still the most effective methods in maintaining clean and grit-free, floor surface.
  • Always use good quality floor mops for your wooden floor. With new mops, wash them first thoroughly before using it on your floor. It is important to wring out mops properly when damp mopping, over-wetting your wooden floor may lead to damage.
  • Never use strong detergents or any abrasive cleaning solutions on your wooden floor. These types of solution may contain chemicals which are too harsh for your wooden floor.
  • Remove high heeled shoes and shoes with hard spikes before entering your home. High heels may cause dents on your wooden floor and hard shoes can scratch your floor’s surface.
  • Keep door mats clean, shake them out regularly and vacuum them often, this will make sure it can still trap sand particles from foot wears.
  • Spot cleaning should be done when spills happen. Use moistened cloth for sticky liquids, always follow-up with a dry cloth or clean tissue.

How to look after my wooden floor?

Follow our tips on how to look after my wooden floor and you will enjoy them for many many years to come.

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