How to maintain your hardwood floors this Christmas

What do you normally do during the holiday season? Busy wrapping gifts? Decorating your home? Preparing the menu for Christmas night? All these things are part of the holidays but as friends and family gather in your home, do not forget that your hardwood floor face many threats.

Christmas is the time for parties and visits. Expect your friends and relatives to pay you a visit which means that your hardwood floors will endure a lot of wear and tear. Should you just watch as your floor takes all this? NO!

Prevention is always better than cure.

You can maintain and protect your hardwood floor this Christmas with a little preparation beforehand.

Maintaining hardwood floors this holiday

How to maintain your hardwood floors this Christmas? Here are things that you can do for your floor:

  • Christmas trees
  • Parties
  • Traffic

Protect floor from your Christmas tree

Who doesn’t love Christmas tree? It has become a common Christmas décor inside every home. Christmas trees make Christmas more magical and colourful!

Real Christmas Trees

Are you getting a real Christmas tree? Consider putting a thick doormat under your tree. This will prevent water from pooling on your hardwood floor.

Just a tip: check the base of your tree regularly for water pools and promptly clean the water before it sits on your floor.

Christmas Trees

If you are dragging out your old favourite Christmas Tree from storage, give it a once over before you put it up. Check the feet make sure there are no sharp edges.

When decorating, consider how you are spreading the weight of the decorations, if you tree is large you may have to consider securing it in a bucket or even attaching some ties to secure it. The last thing you want is all your hard work or decorating your beautiful tree go to waste when it falls over and damages your floor or worse!

Holiday parties are great fun.

Christmas is a cheerful season – parties here, there and everywhere! This is also the time when your floor is exposed to a lot of threats. You can consider:

  • Putting mats in your home, especially at your external doors
  • Drying any spilled drinks immediately
  • Dry mops your floor after the party

Party? Bring it on! Increased traffic doesn’t bother you anyway!

Christmas means friends and family – more traffic.

Having people over is great just remember to prepare first, take your party outside.

Eat outside

Have your food outside, everyone will love eating in the cool of your outdoor area.

Remove high heels

High heels is one of the worse things for your wood floors. High heels cause a lot of pressure in a small area and can cause a lot of damage to your flooring another reason to take your party outside.

This Christmas season, look after your hardwood floor. You can enjoy the holidays without sacrificing your floor. Plus, having a lovely floor will only make your holidays more enjoyable and memorable. When the parties and holiday cheers are all but gone, you will still have a gorgeous floor.

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