Make your parquet floors look new?

Mosaic parquetry

Mosaic parquetry

Parquet floors give warmth to your home that no other type of flooring can match. They are beautiful in any home and its style can match almost any décor.

Parquet flooring is the best

The floor in any home can make a statement so when you choose to have parquet flooring; you make your home stylish and elegant. You can bring out your home’s natural beauty by making sure that your parquet floors look beautiful all the time. With beautiful and shiny parquet floors, your entire room will have that “WOW” factor that makes them a stand out.

Can you make your parquet floors look new?

How to make your parquet floors look as good as new again? Whether your parquet flooring is in your kitchen, living room or throughout the entire house, you can consider following these things to make your parquet floor shine. Here’s how:

  • Deep clean your parquet floor
  • Regular maintenance
  • Really dirty floors

Regular maintenance

To keep your parquet floor looking new, you will need to clean your floors regularly. Mop, vacuum and sweep your floors – every day if possible. Use specialized polish to make them shine like new again!

Deep clean your parquet floor

A good, deep cleaning is a great way to keep your floor looking good. You can use a soft cloth to clean your parquet floor or mop it be careful not to over wet your flooring. After mopping, let your floor dry. Do not let the water sits on the surface or it can damage your parquet flooring.

Really dirty floors

If your floors are really dirty you may need to use something stronger to clean your floor. If you use stronger products make sure that they are specifically designed for cleaning parquet floors. Remember to stay away from products that contain harsh cleaning chemicals as they can damage your floor.

Proper care and maintenance can make your parquet floor look like new for longer.

For your parquetry flooring needs and any repairs that you may need, contact D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We can do the full installation for you. Call us now and enjoy your parquet floors for years to come.