Is Parquetry flooring suitable for apartments?

Mosaic parquetry by DIY Parquetry & CorkDo you have an apartment? Perhaps, you are having a hard time giving your apartment a facelift due to space constraint. With the small space you have, it’s just hard to do a reno or even decide on a good flooring choice.

Choose Parquetry flooring

There are so many beautiful flooring that can make your unit more appealing, but nothing can match the beauty of a parquetry floor. Parquetry flooring can instantly transform your unit into almost a work of art. Its unique appearance sets it apart from all other flooring options. This type of floor has a certain uniqueness that can’t be unmatched by anything else.

Parquetry floors are also very versatile which makes them a good option for your unit. The simple truth is this that parquetry is the right flooring for you. Parquetry patterns can be simple or elaborate and even set as an inlay into other types of wood flooring. It is surely worth buying and definitely easy to install without requiring too much time to make it look nice.

Here are three reasons why Parquetry flooring suitable for your unit:

  • Less maintenance
  • Durable
  • Can give the illusion of space

Less maintenance

It is amazingly easy to clean this type of flooring. Unlike carpets and rugs, that needs extensive cleaning, Parquetry flooring barely needs any maintenance – perfect for people who are always on the go. This floor stays clean for a long time. A simple dust mop can keep it clean. See? It’s much easier to have Parquetry flooring, less maintenance means less cleaning time.


Parquetry flooring can last for many years. Like any wooden flooring, Parquetry flooring just gets better with time. With proper care, your Parquetry flooring can outlive you! Amazing, isn’t it? If it gets to a point when you think your floor has taken too much wear and tear, it can be restored.

Illusion of space

Parquetry patterns can be designed to have your unit look bigger. Having a pattern that draws your eye into the room can be a very effective way to create the illusion of space in your home

Parquetry flooring simply keeps on surprising you. What can you can ask for? If you want to make your unit truly unique and beautiful, choose Parquetry flooring.

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