How to protect your floor over the holidays!

christmasStomp, stomp, stomp … you hear the footsteps of your holiday guests arriving. You’re excited about the party season, but all you can think of is how dirty your hardwood floor can become.

Did you know that your floor can take a real hammering during the holidays?

Don’t stop yourself from enjoying the celebrations, get your floor protected today.

Hardwood floor protection

Often, we look for an easy way to protect our floors. Why go through all the hassle of doing all that extra laborious work when you can do it the easy way? Get your floor ready for all the wear and tear this holiday season, here’s what you can do:

Place mats at all hard entry points

Guests can easily walk the dirt inside. Ensure you put mats at each entry point to lessen the amount of dirt carried into your home. Shoes are the number one culprit in tracking in dirt. You can encourage your visitors to remove their shoes before entering. Do this by placing a shoe rack beside your entrance door.

water-on-woodWipe up spills quickly

With all the food and wine consumed over the break, there’s a pretty good chance of having a lot of spills. Be sure to wipe them up promptly. You can use a damp rag or mop but don’t over wet your floor. After the party, remember to run a dry mop along your floors. Remember to always run your dry mop along the boards and not against the grain.

Polish your floor

Polishing your floor can add an extra protection to your floor – plus it can make your floor look real shiny and glossy. There are floor polishes that you can apply that only take about an hour to dry, giving you just enough time to greet your guests at the front door.

How to protect your floor over the holidays!

Protect your hardwood floor these holidays, so you can relax and enjoy them for many years to come! Have a safe and happy holiday from us here at D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. Should you need hardwood floor installation or repair services, contact us at 0409 081 679 and let’s talk!