How to protect your wood floors this winter?

Winter is here and the wind is damp and the temperature has dropped, friends and families gather inside your home. During winter you might be more concerned in keeping your indoor warm and cosy than maintaining and cleaning your wood floors.

Your wood floors make your home truly beautiful. They offer warmth, sleek, elegant feel of your home. Wood floors are durable, but during winter months, they will require a bit more care.

How to protect your wood floors this winter?

Here are some steps to protect and keep your wood floors clean in winter:

Use mats, mats and more mats

During winter, water and moist are everywhere, brought in your shoes, coats and bags.  Your wood floors are vulnerable to too much water especially if it is left to sit. Your floor boards might warp or be stained from being constantly wet, causing them to lose their natural luster. The best way to protect your wood floors from winter elements is to use lots of mats around your home and leave your shoes outside.

Train your pets

Do you have pets? Your pets might bring outdoor dirt and dust inside your home every time they go out. Train your dog to stay on the mat and do not forget to place a towel near your door. When your dog is ready to come inside, wipe his paws and coat dry. This will decrease the chance of bringing in dirt and moisture this winter.

Clean spills immediately

You are careful, but sometimes, water and moisture will get onto your wood floors. Clean it immediately and don’t leave any wet spots or dampness.

How to protect your wood floors this winter?

With these tips, you can protect your wood floors through this winter and ehjoy your wood floors all year round. For all your wood flooring needs contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring today.