Refinishing versus replacing your hardwood flooring, which is better?

repairsHas your hardwood floor lost its natural shine? Does it make squeaky sounds when you pass by? If so, it may be the perfect time to have your floor refinish or replace. Over time, your hardwood floor will show results of daily wear and tear, especially after years of use and a growing family.

Do you refinish or replacement your hardwood flooring?

This is probably where most of the people start to wonder what to do next? Whether they should give their flooring a second shot or just replace the entire flooring. Either way it will be a large project.

In most cases unless your floor is really really badly damaged you will not need to replace the entire floor unless you want to change the look of your flooring. Repairs can be done on selected area of your floor.

You may think it will be easier to choose replace your entire floor but this will be quite an expense and in most cases, not necessary.

With all these things running through your head, it’s hard to decide what to choose between refinishing and replacing. Before making up your mind, here are some things that you should consider and will help you decide.

Floor age

How old is your floor? If your hardwood floor is decades old, badly damaged and has been refinished many times, a replacement might just be what you need.

Floor damage

If your hardwood has only lost its shine and doesn’t have any signs of warping or splitting, a refinishing might be a great option. It can bring back your floors shine fast. For greater damage in some areas caused by heavy traffic, a replacement of these area will also need to be done.

Project goal

What do you really want? Do you simply want to bring back your floor shine or want to have a new style, direction and interior? Understanding the goal of your project can help you sort out the best solution.

Refinishing versus replacing your hardwood flooring, which is better?

By considering these things, you’ll know if your hardwood needs a refinish or a full replacement. If you are still unsure ask,  at D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring our advice is free.

Whether you are looking for a floor installer to replace or refinish your hardwood, contact D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. If you are designing a new home, we’ll help you select the right hardwood style and colour that best suits your home. Ring us now, free estimates!