Why are there smears remaining after I mopped my floor?

cleaningMopping your floor is the easiest way to keep it clean. A small amount of hot water and a mop can do wonders for your hardwood floor. Often hot water only will be enough to clean your floor and leave it streak free.

If you are using a cleaner make sure it is a good cleaner and recommended for your floor type. There is a way to stop those annoying streaks and smears that appear after you’ve mopped your floor?

Smears and streaks after mopping

Smears appear on your floor after you mop due to a variety of reasons:

  • Was the dust and dirt removed from your floor
  • Incorrect dosage of floor cleaner
  • You didn’t dry mop after
  • Fabric softener on cleaning clothes

Was the dust and dirt removed from your floor

Before you mop your floor, it is important that you remove all signs of dust and dirt. A simple sweep can do the trick or for a better clean, get your vacuum cleaner out. You definitely need to remove all of the dirt before you start mopping.

cleaning solutionsIncorrect dosage of floor cleaner

This can also cause unsightly smears and streaks on your floor. You should make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions for the correct dosage to get streak free cleaning results every time.

You didn’t dry mop after

Hot water dries faster and as a result,it could leave smears on your floor. To alleviate this problem simply ensure that the floor is dried properly by dry mopping after you apply the wet mop to remove any excess water.

Never use fabric softener when washing your cleaning clothes

Using fabric softener in conjunction with cleaning agents can lead to unsightly smears. It is recommended that you should avoid using fabric softener when washing your clothes.

Why there are smears remaining after I mopped my floor?

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