How to spring clean cork floors

Cork flooring in progress

Cork flooring in progress

Spring is here, which means lots of spring cleaning is about to happen. Spring cleaning should be at the top of your to do list. With winter gone, many parts of your home need some serious cleaning. Where should you start? Start with cleaning your cork floors.

Why spring clean your cork floors?

Clean houses make healthy homes and a lovely environment for you to come home to. Healthy homes start with the floor up.

Cork floors are a vital part of your home, they provide

  • Beauty
  • Warmth
  • Unique feel

Cork flooring is a great flooring which has great hypoallergenic properties, but you must keep it clean. Whatever your reasons are for choosing cork flooring, it is of utmost importance that you clean and maintain your floors, especially in spring. Spring is a great time for visitors, friends, family and parties. Keep your house clean and ready to party.

Cleaning your cork floors are good for everyone

Here are some tips on how to spring clean cork floors.

Cleaning cork floors

Vacuum your floor first to remove all sand, dirt and all the grit that could scratch your floor. Cork floors can be clean using ordinary soap and water. Stay away from harsh “acidic” cleaners as they can damage your floor surface. Remember, when cleaning use only a minimal amount of water and then dry it with a cloth to remove any excess water before leaving to air dry thoroughly.

Get your cork flooring ready for spring and enjoy the lovely weather that is about to come.

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