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Best Flooring Choice | What flooring is best for my home?

hardwood flooringThere are a lot of options to choose from when thinking about flooring for your home.

Where to start can be daunting. Your choices include tiles, carpets, cork, vinyl and woods. Of course in each category there are still more options and variations.

How to choose for the best flooring?

Here are some things to think about

  • Firstly think of the use of the room.
  • Who will use the room
  • What style of home you would like to create.

Choosing for the best flooring will become easier once you know what style you like in the interior design of your house and how and who will use the room. For example you are unlikely to put solid wood flooring or carpet in your bathroom but these options would be perfect for the living room.

What are the types of flooring?

There are many materials your flooring can be made of , a lot of the choice come down to personal option:

  • Tiles
  • Carpets
  • Vinyl
  • Cork
  • Wood – Solid or Laminate
  • Parquetry

Tile floorings are commonly made up of ceramic, stone or glass material that are hard-wearing and are perfect to cover wet area areas like your bathroom, kitchen or even patios.

Carpet on the other hand are popular in bedrooms and are great on cold winter mornings. Different kinds of carpet designs are now available making your home even more unique than ever. Practically speaking, carpets can cost less than hardwood or ceramic tile flooring but will need replacing sooner.

Carpets are not good for allergy suffers and must be vacuumed regularly to prevent a build up on dirt and dust mites.

Vinyl is an all-round good option but will have a shorter life span than many flooring options.

Gorgeous cork floor by DIYCork, is a fabulous option for work areas, children playroom and area that people stand in for long periods of time. Cork is every environmental friendly, forgiving (things will generally bounce when dropped), have great noise properties and perfect for all seasons.

Hardwood or timber flooring the most common type of flooring, they will create a natural look for your home and suits all styles from traditional right through to modern. Wood flooring brings warmth to your home and makes it look elegant and classy. Solid wood is fabulous for modern and minimalist décor and of course the only option is a heritage home. Wood is perfect for allergy suffers and so easy to clean.

Some people thing wood flooring is difficult to look after and has to be treated with kid gloves, no so.

Laminates are also available for the budget conscious or in need or temporary flooring, you can choose an laminated ones looking like a parquetry pattern but not really made up of wood, rather from plastic materials. The cost will be very economical but will not last or stand up to the foot traffic of your home.

Parquetry is the perfect addition to any wood floor, it just steps your home up into that luxury category and you will be pleasantly surprised what this elegant look costs. A parquetry feature can become a work of art in its own right and will surely be a talking point with your guests.

What flooring is best for my home?

There is no one size fits all!

A combination of flooring type might suit your needs. Every home is different and you will need to choose what suits your home and style best. When choosing timber, hardwood, cork, bamboo or parquetry style talk to D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring are your flooring specialists. We bring your house plans to life and we can discussed the options that are available to you.

Cork flooring is perfect for your kitchen


Want an eco friendly design flooring? As the selection of “green” flooring materials continues to increase, your options become wider and this time, more stylish. When it comes to choosing a kitchen floor, consider cork flooring.

Cork flooring offers a unique look and is an Eco conscious material that provides:

  • Warmth
  • Stylish look
  • Timeless appeal

It is well suited to both traditional and modern spaces.

Why choose cork flooring for your kitchen?

Made from the bark of cork oak, cork is great for your home, especially for your kitchen floor. Cork flooring is filled with air cells that makes it naturally spongy and soft underfoot which makes this flooring, perfect for areas where you do a lot of standing such as your kitchen.  Cork is  available in different colours and patterns ensuring you’ll find the best design that will fit your taste.

Here a 4 reasons why cork flooring is perfect for your kitchen:

  • Kitchen friendly
  • Water resistant
  • Resistant to moulds
  • Absorbs sound


Kitchen friendly

Accidentally dropped glasses or dishes? No worries! With cork flooring, they are less likely to break, which will happen on a hardwood or tile flooring.

Cork flooring from D.I.Y. Parquetry and Cork

Water resistant

They are not waterproof, but water resistant – which makes them perfect for your kitchen. Minor spills? No problem! A cork floor with topcoat can be easily clean with a dry cloth. Just wipe it up and your cork floor will be completely dry.

Resistant to moulds

The kitchen is the area where cleanliness is very important. Luckily, cork flooring is the most hypoallergenic flooring options there is today, which means that they are resistant to moulds, mildew and less likely to harbour bacteria.

Absorbs sound

Cork absorbs sound and is great to sit on, perfect for the children’s playroom or bedroom.

Warm in winter, cool in summer the perfect flooring for all areas of your home.

Need cork flooring for your kitchen or any part inside your home? Contact D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We do full flooring installations for you. Ring us now on 0409 081 679 and give your home a beautiful flooring that you deserve.


Cork flooring is perfect for pet lovers

catDo you have a pet?

Or planning on having a cat or a dog?

Your pets make your life exciting, great for your health and are great company. They make your life worthwhile and when you show them love and some TLC, they will give it back to you in pawfuls! Pets can be your greatest friend and companion in life.

How does owning a pet influence your flooring choices?

With cork flooring it doesn’t have to. Being a pet owner, you need to think of the possibility of getting allergies and having a dirty flooring at home. You can have your pet without these problems if you have cork flooring because it is so easy to keep clean.

Cork flooring and your pets

Cork flooring is safe to use with pets. Cork has anti-allergen properties, which make it perfect all types of people. Cork flooring is water resistant so, spills or accidents are easy to mop up. On a cork floor there is nowhere for fleas or pests to live, your pets are less likely to suffer from these. A quick vacuum will clean up any fur that might be dropped or shed from your beloveds.

timber floorCork flooring is one of the softest and most comfortable flooring materials available in the market today. Their natural patterns will give your home a unique look. They are available in different colours to match any décor setting inside your home. Apart from the variety of choices, cork flooring makes your home beautiful, great for noise suppression and is soft on feet and paws, perfect for you and your pets.

Cork flooring has great benefits for you and your pets.

Cork flooring is perfect for pet lovers, absolutely! Installing cork flooring could be the best decision you have ever made  for you and your pets. For all your cork flooring needs, contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring on 0409 081 679 and get your free quote today.

Why is cork flooring good for you?

cork floor by DIYChoosing the best flooring for your home can be a tough task. You have plenty of choice and decisions to make. There are many things that you need to consider:

  • Your budget
  • Your home’s style and décor
  • Your health
  • Who will use the room

Flooring options come in a dizzying array of materials, colours, sizes and styles. With so many options, what should you choose?

A lot has to do with personal preference.

Why cork flooring?

Cork flooring is an excellent choice if you are looking for something warm and soft underfoot. Some of the good things about cork flooring are:

  • Easy to maintain. Are you a busy person? If yes, cork flooring is best for you. You don’t need to use much of your time maintaining it. Cork flooring requires less tender loving care.
  • It is as durable as a wood. Cork flooring can last for a really long time, like wood flooring. No need to replace it for the next 20 or more years.
  • Anti allergenic. Perfect if you have children at home! No need to worry about allergies, which might be uncomfortable for you and your children. Dust mites don’t get trapped in cork.
  • Water resistant. Spill a glass of water and you are fine. Floors often get water spilt on them in a busy family home.
  • Flexible. Cork flooring can be placed in any room and is especially good for play areas.
  • Forgiving, drop something on cork and it won’t break.


Why is cork flooring good for you?

As you can see there are huge benefits in cork flooring. Cork is a great investment to have installed in your home, you will be pleased with your discussion for many years to come.

For cork flooring installation, contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. Ring us now and we’ll give you a free quote.

Can I have cork flooring in a modern home?

Cork flooring in progress

Yes, why not? You will be amazed with the unique modern look that cork flooring can give your home. Cork flooring has been used for hundreds of year but is still really modern even today.

Reasons to use cork flooring in modern home:

  1. Modern look
  2. Eco friendly
  3. Hygienic
  4. Insect repellent
  5. Good insulation

Modern look

Cork flooring can give your home an elegant modern look and make your flooring really comfy for all your activities. Cork floors are great for all styles of homes and are lovely floors to enjoy chitchat and a cuppa or two.

Eco friendly

Cork is very eco friendly coming from a sustainable resourceand is a non-toxic flooring product that is great in family homes especially if you have pets and children.

You can ensure that cork trees are not harmed after harvest as a new layer of cork bark grows making it a renewable source, thus not damaging the tree; in fact if the trees don’t shed their bark (cork) the tree will actually die.


Suffering from allergies? You don’t need to worry about health problems with cork flooring as it is antimicrobial, mould and mildew resistant. Cork flooring is not dust or pollen absorber, perfect to prevent build-up of dirt that can cause allergies. Cork helps avoid the potential environment that can use the allergens and that will help to keep you healthy and allergy-free.

Insect repellent

Never let mossies spoil your bonding with friends and family by simply installing cork under your feet. Cork bark contains suberin, a waxy waterproof substance present in the cell walls and a natural insect repellent.

Mossies hate cork flooring so you are rest assured that they will not visit you anymore.

Good insulation

Save money by reducing energy bills with cork floors. Cork is great energy efficient flooring you will help to keep your budget intact. It can provide you good insulation in hot and cold months.

Does cork flooring suit a modern home?

Yes absolutely.

For enquiries about cork flooring cork flooring, contact D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring
on 0409 081 679 to discuss your flooring needs. Ring us for a FREE quote today.

How to make your cork floor appear brighter?

Gorgeous cork floor by DIYIs it easy to keep your cork floor clean? Yes, it is – if you remember to clean it regularly by simply sweeping and vacuuming. Your floor will look beautiful for many years to come just by performing some basic housework.

Is your cork floor not as shiny as it used to be?

If you feel that cleaning alone is not enough, take a good look at your floor. Do you think that it’s not as shiny as when it was first laid? The daily wear and tear that your floor endures can make it less shiny. Thankfully, this is easily taken care of. The first step to making your floor brighter is by applying polyurethane.

Quality water based polyurethane will create a clear seal over your cork floor, making it less vulnerable to water, staining and moisture. For an unfinished cork floor, polyurethane should be applied 3-4 times and on a finished cork floor, just the once.

Will your cork floor look brighter now?

Not yet – you have to apply another coating first. You can choose between:

  • Wax finish
  • Commercial finish

Wax finish

Waxing your cork floor can protect it against stains, spills and scratches. The waxing agent can give your cork floor a shimmering, shiny look. However, you may need to apply wax twice a year, depending on the level of traffic – the higher the traffic, the more waxing is required.

Commercial finish

For an area with a heavier traffic, you need more than just waxing your floor. A heavy duty finish might be necessary, in this case. It will create a barrier which will allow your cork floor to withstand the harsh daily wear and tear, whilst giving your floor a smooth and shiny appearance.

How to make your cork floor appear brighter?

Should you need a new cork floor, contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We offer different types of flooring to suit your needs. We also do parquetry, bamboo and cork flooring as well. Ring us today for a free quote on 0409 081 679.

Cork flooring 101 – A Natural Flooring Wonder


A beautiful home needs a beautiful floor – something that a cork flooring will fit perfectly.

Natural cork comes from the bark of cork trees. What you’ll love about cork flooring is that they are warm underneath and supple. Ever noticed how fast a wine cork pops back into shape after it’s released from the bottle? That’s how springy and flexible a cork floor is too.

Cork flooring characteristics

Cork flooring offers many things. Its shock absorbent properties make it comfortable underfoot. This is the main reason why cork flooring are perfect for places where you spend most of your time standing such as your kitchen or your fitness area. In other words, you don’t have to worry about falling crockery! Plus, it also holds warmth longer compared to other flooring and muffles all sounds! Would you believe it is also cool in summer, amazing!

What to take note about cork flooring

Cork floors are durable, yes. However, when moving furniture and big objects, make sure to carry it and not slide it across your cork floor. Cork flooring will bounce back from most marks but special care and a bit of common sense needs to be taken for larger items. The cork has a natural waxiness that repels moisture but excessive exposure to water isn’t good for cork so make sure you mop up any spills immediately. If you really want to use cork flooring in your bathroom, it’s better to consult with a professional who can advise you accordingly.

Cork flooring, A Natural Flooring Wonder!

Best known for its sustainability and flexibility, cork flooring is a good addition to your home. When installed properly, cork flooring can bring out the best in your home and with proper maintenance, can last for really a long time. For all of your cork flooring needs, contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We offer supply and installation services of lots of different  flooring types and we love cork. Ring us today for a free measure and quote.

8 fabulous facts you need to know about cork flooring

Cork flooring from D.I.Y. Parquetry and Cork

Cork flooring from D.I.Y. Parquetry and Cork

Wonder why most homeowners use cork flooring? The answers will surprise you on how many benefits cork flooring has to offer.

Here are the answers to 8 fabulous questions:

  1. Is cork flooring suitable for kitchen?
  2. Why should I use cork floor?
  3. Can I walk on cork floor with my heels on?
  4. Can light exposure damage my cork flooring?
  5. Is cork flooring the best choice to reduce noise?
  6. Is it safe for my children and pets?
  7. How can I prevent pet scratches on cork floor?
  8. Will the changes of moisture and temperature affect my cork floor?

Is cork flooring suitable for a kitchen?

Yes and it is comfy and smooth when touched with your feet. Just make sure to place covers on high traffic areas to protect it from spills, grease and anything that will cause wear and tear to your cork flooring.

If you want to transfer your furniture to another surface, carry it to avoid scratches. Use pads on furniture legs. Regular cleaning will help prevent build-up of dirt on cork.

Why should I use cork floor?

Cork floors are more durable than most other floors. They are natural, eco-friendly and made from renewable resources making it resilient and long lasting.  If you worry about summer heat or winter cool air, a cork floor can manage your indoor climate providing you with good insulation.

Can I walk on cork floor with my heels on?

Of course! Cork flooring can withstand heavy traffic and weight as it is produced in high density. It recovers fast from compression and that prevents further damages.

Can light exposure damage my cork flooring?

Yes so make sure to place it away from areas of UV light exposure as it will cause discolouration, typically yellowing. Though this is normal, you can prevent it by covering large exposed windows using blinds. Move furnishings and floor coverings every month to prevent uneven colour changes.

Is cork flooring the best choice to reduce noise?

Absolutely! Cork is popularly used in buildings for soundproofing. No need to worry about complying building codes for sound control if you install cork. It has properties that help absorb sounds giving you good time for a sound sleep.

Is it safe for my children and pets?

Yes. Bacteria, dust, allergens and any form of dirt have no room in cork flooring, simply because cork doesn’t absorb them in. Your family can get rid of allergies when regular maintenance is done.

How can I prevent pet scratches on cork floor?

Abrasion can be a worst problem and your pets can’t help but scratch your floors without you seeing it. If you can’t attend to your pets quickly, make sure to trim their nails. Though cork is pressure resistant, it is best to prevent scratches to keep it look new and beautiful.

Will the changes of moisture and temperature affect my cork floor?

Due to climactic changes, cork is subject to expansion and shrinkage. Harsh weather conditions like heat, moisture or humidity can cause shrinkage damaging the joints. Too much humidity makes the cork flooring expand.By choosing the right company to install your cork floor, your cork can be properly installed and maintained.

8 fabulous questions you need to know about cork flooring

Buy cork flooring now!

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Cork flooring – perfect for my kitchen?

corkDo you want a stylish, durable and eco friendly kitchen floor? Cork is the answer, cork will tick all your boxes. It is suited for both modern and traditional styles and it comes in a wide range of colours and patterns that ensures there is something to fit everyone’s taste.

Why would I choose cork?

Cork is:

  • Eco friendly
  • Forgiving in the kitchen
  • Hygienic
  • Sound and heat insulator

Eco friendly

Cork is the most eco friendly floor you can find, it’s gathered from the cork oak. The oak’s bark is harvested and unlike regular timber harvesting, gathering the cork leaves the tree alive and ready to be harvested again. If you’re environmentally conscious and don’t want forests chopped down for your floor, cork is a great option for you.

Forgiving in the kitchen

Cork is naturally filled with air pockets; this makes it a natural shock absorber and feels wonderfully soft underfoot. Any dish you drop on a cork floor will have less of a chance of breaking or being damaged, unlike a hardwood or tile floor. The cushiony floor under foot is also great on your feet when you’re standing for long periods of time washing dishes or preparing a feast.


Flooring, that is both water and mould resistant is a must-have in a kitchen. Cork is both.
A cork floor with a topcoat can also be easily cleaned with only a dry cloth or dry mop. The cork itself is hypoallergenic, it is resistant to mould and unlikely to harbour bacteria. It is one of the healthiest flooring options out there and is great for the kitchen.

Sound and Heat insulator

Cork flooring absorbs sound, leading to quieter footfalls and less of a bang when you drop something; making that early morning breakfast without waking everyone up so much easier. Cork is also a heat insulator; it remains warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s a nice change for your feet and keeping the temperature comfortable all year round is always a bonus.

Feel free to contact D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring to discuss your options and requirements.

We do full installations and would be delighted to give your home the quality cork flooring it deserves. Free quotes, call today.

5 Places to Use Cork Flooring in Your Home!

cork flooring by DIYCork is a natural shock absorber, and despite being cushiony, quality cork flooring is extremely durable. Where many floor types would be dented or scratched, cork will give a little and then bounce back as good as new. Cork’s durable and flexible properties make it an excellent choice for flooring throughout the house.

5 great places to use cork flooring in your home:

  • The kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Children’s Playroom
  • Office
  • Lounge Room

The kitchen

A cork floor is pretty handy to have in a kitchen, cork’s cushioning properties reduce the risk of the floor being damaged when something is dropped. The dropped item is also less likely to be damaged. Cork is great for standing at bench for those long hours when you are preparing dinner or something special.


Cork insulates both heat and noise and has the added bonus of feeling great on bare feet. This makes it perfect for the bedroom. If  you have a cork floor when you get out of bed on a winter’s morning your feet won’t be met with a freezing cold floor and in summer it will remain cool and let you have a good night’s sleep.

Children’s Playroom

Cork is sound absorbing, making it ideal for a playroom. This means that most loud noises will stay in the playroom, so when you’re trying to talk over afternoon tea with a friend, you won’t have to yell.

Cork is also useful in a playroom because it is that bit more forgiving, great for sitting on and playing too. A well finished cork floor is also easy to clean. Minor spills of food, drink and paint will be easily and efficiently wiped up with no fuss.


Apart from all of the other benefits, cork tiles come in a wide range of colours and patterns allowing you to spice up your office permanently and turn it into a workplace that you want to be in.

Lounge Room

Unlike carpet, cork is hypoallergenic; it doesn’t absorb dust and it requires less cleaning especially useful if you often eat in the lounge room. Cork flooring is also antimicrobial; it contains a substance called Suberin. It works as a natural repellent to a variety of pests and insects; it has also been shown to have healthy antimicrobial properties.

Cork Flooring in Your Home

Absolutely, what are you waiting for?

Call D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring to discuss your needs and get a quote on cork flooring for your home.