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Common questions about cork flooring


Want flooring that is eco friendly and looks great? Cork flooring is the right option for your home. Cork floors are made from the bark of the cork oak tree which is specifically grown to be harvested at the right time. Cork flooring is soft to touch, durable and warm underfoot which makes them perfect for areas with high traffic.

Cork flooring questions

Despite all the positive things about cork floors, some people are hesitant to install one in their homes. They want to know if cork flooring is worth their money thus they ask many questions. Here at DIY Parquetry, we received tons of questions regarding our cork flooring installation services. We decided to compile these and answer the most common questions.

Here they are:

  • Are cork floors new?
  • Can you walk on cork floor with high heels?
  • Is cork flooring suitable for kitchens and bathrooms?
  • Is the colour of cork flooring consistent?
  • Can cork floors be dyed?

 Are cork floors new?

No – using cork as a flooring has been use common place since early in the last century. In case this is your first time to hear about cork floors, you might not be up to date with the latest trend in home flooring. Recently, cork floors became very popular here in Australia and are now sold worldwide.

Can you walk on cork floor with high heels?

Yes, you can – cork floors are produced in adensity high enough to withstand heavy traffic and weight. One major characteristic of cork floors is that it has “memory” which enables it to recover from compression quickly. Nevertheless, just like other flooring materials, we recommend removing your shoes when you enter your home to add more years to your cork flooring.

Cork flooring from D.I.Y. Parquetry and Cork

Is cork flooring suitable for kitchens and bathrooms?

Yes – it is suitable for all rooms. Surface water spills do not harm cork floors, but it is best to wipe spills immediately. You can read here about other places on where you can install cork flooring: Where can I install cork flooring in my home?

Is the colour of cork flooring consistent?

Cork flooring is made from high quality, natural materials and should be recognised easily. There might be a variety of shades, but it is expected of flooring that uses natural products such as cork, hardwood floor and bamboo.

Can cork floors be dyed?

Yes, cork floors can be stained in any colour of your choice. When staining, remember to follow the instructions properly or better yet, ask for professional help to achieve the best result.

Common questions about cork flooring

Do you still have questions? Contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring for all your needs. We can directly answer your questions for you as well as discuss with you the best flooring options for your home. Call us today on 0409 081 679. We are here to answer all of your questions.

What to consider when choosing cork as your floor?


There are many advantages to using cork flooring. Cork is soft underfoot, warm and has natural resistant properties to moisture. When installed properly, it can give your home an instant facelift. Plus, with cork flooring you needn’t worry about falling objects damaging the floor – cork is extremely resilient, which means it can bounce back, leaving no dents at all.

Are cork floors for you?

No doubt, cork flooring is a great option. Can cork floors be laid inyour home?While cork flooring CAN be installed in any home, there are a few things to consider before installation. These include:

  • Moisture
  • Humidity
  • Level of traffic


You may wish to install cork flooring all around your home. Wonderful! Cork does have a natural resistance to moisture and is a much better choice than most hardwoods.Another advantage with cork is that it has the tendency to resist the growth of mildew and mould.

cork floor by DIYHumidity

Cork flooring requires a relative humidity, or else it will start to expand and contract. If there are any moisture problems, resolve them immediately to keep your cork floor at its finest.

Level of traffic

If you install cork flooring, you won’t get many scratches as it has a protective layer. However, with the high level of traffic your cork floor will face every day, its protective layer may fade away overtime, causing the material to be more vulnerable to damage. For this reason, it is recommended in areas with low or moderate traffic.

What to consider when choosing cork as your floor?

Keep these concepts in mind and you will get a lot of years out of your cork floor.

Would you like to know more about cork flooring? Contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring for all your needs. We will install any kind of flooring to suit your requirements.

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Where can I install cork flooring in my home?

corkCork floors are as durable as most other floors. They are a natural product, environment friendly and come from a renewable source. However, some homeowners are hesitant to choose cork flooring because they think installation is limited to only certain places in the home.

Can I put cork in my kitchen?

Yes, of course you can! Cork is a naturally resilient material which makes it ideal for kitchens. With cork floors, spills are easier to handle too and, you’ll break fewer plates. Any items dropped on cork floors tend to bounce off which means less chance of breaking – unlike a tiled floor.Cork flooring is warm and soft underfoot too, which is perfect for homeowners who love to spend time in their kitchen.

Can I put cork floors in my bathroom?

Yes, absolutely! Cork is so warm it can transform your bathroom in no time. Don’t worry about moisture and spills because cork is naturally resilient to humidity and mould. However, make sure to wipe any spills promptly, so you don’t put your cork floor at risk.

Can a cork floor be installed in my cellar or storage room?

Yes, it can – provided you had it tested for moisture. Don’t worry about excessive moisture as it can be controlled and brought to an acceptable level by applying special coats. Glue down corks or floating planks can be used in your storage room but it is mostly recommended to use a floating floor system. You can ask your flooring contractor on what they suggest.

Where can I install cork flooring?

Basically, anywhere inside your home! When unsure, always asks your flooring contractor – they can give you expert advice regarding your home flooring. Need to install a cork floor? Contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Floor for all your flooring needs. Ring us today and discuss your needs with us.

Where can I buy cork flooring in Bunbury?

cork floor by DIYFor a floor that can be great for the environment and your home, choose cork flooring. It can provide a gorgeous look to any home and can coordinate with any decorating style. So, yes you can install cork flooring for your home whether it has a contemporary or a traditional style.

Cork flooring installation

Cork flooring is made from the bark of the cork tree. When installing, it’s a wise idea to hire a cork flooring installer in your area. A professional flooring contractor can do the job right for you. Cork floors can also be a DIY project if you are a “hands on” person.

Cork flooring is good because it is:

  • Soft underfoot
  • A good insulator
  • Flexible

This type of flooring is an innovative cured finish that creates a natural low glass appearance which makes your home look stunning.

Cork floors in Bunbury

Where can I buy cork flooring? This is a common question. If you are in Bunbury, worry no more! Choose D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We are your flooring specialists servicing in Bunbury and the surrounding areas.

D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring offers cork flooring and full flooring installation. We understand your needs to have the right floor that can make your indoor living more comfortable – that is why; we are making things easy for you. Here at D.I.Y Parquetry, we make it simpler for you – just ring us on 9791 6011 and tell us what you need. We can do full cork installation anywhere inside your home.

Plus, our cork floors are of great quality ensuring you of longevity which means, you don’t need any floor replacement for the next 10 years or more! How’s that in exchange for your money?

Where can I buy cork flooring in Bunbury?

If cork flooring is what you need, don’t forget to call us on 0409 081 679 – for a chat and get your free obligation quote.


FAQ’s about cork flooring installation    



Looking for a durable flooring option? Nothing beats cork floors. Cork flooring is a very durable choice. It is warm and soft underfoot. When properly taken care of, your cork flooring will last a long time. What more can you ask for? Cork flooring is a great addition to your home – giving it character. For all your cork floor needs, choose D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring.

We are in the flooring business and have many years industry experience specialising in many kinds of hardwood installation including parquetry floors plus cork and bamboo flooring. We also offer repair services – just let us know what you need. When it comes to cork flooring installation, we often encounter a lot of questions from our customers. Here are a few that we will answer for you.

How is a cork floor installed?

We will come to your home and do a pre-inspection before scheduling the installation. We will check your home for low humidity and other environmental factors that can affect the installation process.

Who will install it?

Our experienced flooring experts will do the installation making sure that everything is in order. However, you may decide to do the installation yourself – no problem! We also offer cork floor materials that you can use for your own DIY project.

Cork flooring in progress

Cork flooring in progress

How long will it take the installation to be finished?

We will give you an estimate on how long the installation process should take. We always endeavor to complete the job on time.

Do you offer a warranty on your flooring?

At D.I.Y. Parquetry, we want you to feel safe and protected. Therefore, all our flooring products come with a warranty. Call us on 0409 081 679 and talk to our friendly staff. We can give you further details with regards to your warranty period and conditions.

FAQ’s about cork flooring installation

If you have any queries or questions, contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We want to help you make your house a home – call us today!



How to make your cork floor appear brighter?

Gorgeous cork floor by DIYIs it easy to keep your cork floor clean? Yes, it is – if you remember to clean it regularly by simply sweeping and vacuuming. Your floor will look beautiful for many years to come just by performing some basic housework.

Is your cork floor not as shiny as it used to be?

If you feel that cleaning alone is not enough, take a good look at your floor. Do you think that it’s not as shiny as when it was first laid? The daily wear and tear that your floor endures can make it less shiny. Thankfully, this is easily taken care of. The first step to making your floor brighter is by applying polyurethane.

Quality water based polyurethane will create a clear seal over your cork floor, making it less vulnerable to water, staining and moisture. For an unfinished cork floor, polyurethane should be applied 3-4 times and on a finished cork floor, just the once.

Will your cork floor look brighter now?

Not yet – you have to apply another coating first. You can choose between:

  • Wax finish
  • Commercial finish

Wax finish

Waxing your cork floor can protect it against stains, spills and scratches. The waxing agent can give your cork floor a shimmering, shiny look. However, you may need to apply wax twice a year, depending on the level of traffic – the higher the traffic, the more waxing is required.

Commercial finish

For an area with a heavier traffic, you need more than just waxing your floor. A heavy duty finish might be necessary, in this case. It will create a barrier which will allow your cork floor to withstand the harsh daily wear and tear, whilst giving your floor a smooth and shiny appearance.

How to make your cork floor appear brighter?

Should you need a new cork floor, contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We offer different types of flooring to suit your needs. We also do parquetry, bamboo and cork flooring as well. Ring us today for a free quote on 0409 081 679.