Best Flooring Choice | What flooring is best for my home?

hardwood flooringThere are a lot of options to choose from when thinking about flooring for your home.

Where to start can be daunting. Your choices include tiles, carpets, cork, vinyl and woods. Of course in each category there are still more options and variations.

How to choose for the best flooring?

Here are some things to think about

  • Firstly think of the use of the room.
  • Who will use the room
  • What style of home you would like to create.

Choosing for the best flooring will become easier once you know what style you like in the interior design of your house and how and who will use the room. For example you are unlikely to put solid wood flooring or carpet in your bathroom but these options would be perfect for the living room.

What are the types of flooring?

There are many materials your flooring can be made of , a lot of the choice come down to personal option:

  • Tiles
  • Carpets
  • Vinyl
  • Cork
  • Wood – Solid or Laminate
  • Parquetry

Tile floorings are commonly made up of ceramic, stone or glass material that are hard-wearing and are perfect to cover wet area areas like your bathroom, kitchen or even patios.

Carpet on the other hand are popular in bedrooms and are great on cold winter mornings. Different kinds of carpet designs are now available making your home even more unique than ever. Practically speaking, carpets can cost less than hardwood or ceramic tile flooring but will need replacing sooner.

Carpets are not good for allergy suffers and must be vacuumed regularly to prevent a build up on dirt and dust mites.

Vinyl is an all-round good option but will have a shorter life span than many flooring options.

Gorgeous cork floor by DIYCork, is a fabulous option for work areas, children playroom and area that people stand in for long periods of time. Cork is every environmental friendly, forgiving (things will generally bounce when dropped), have great noise properties and perfect for all seasons.

Hardwood or timber flooring the most common type of flooring, they will create a natural look for your home and suits all styles from traditional right through to modern. Wood flooring brings warmth to your home and makes it look elegant and classy. Solid wood is fabulous for modern and minimalist décor and of course the only option is a heritage home. Wood is perfect for allergy suffers and so easy to clean.

Some people thing wood flooring is difficult to look after and has to be treated with kid gloves, no so.

Laminates are also available for the budget conscious or in need or temporary flooring, you can choose an laminated ones looking like a parquetry pattern but not really made up of wood, rather from plastic materials. The cost will be very economical but will not last or stand up to the foot traffic of your home.

Parquetry is the perfect addition to any wood floor, it just steps your home up into that luxury category and you will be pleasantly surprised what this elegant look costs. A parquetry feature can become a work of art in its own right and will surely be a talking point with your guests.

What flooring is best for my home?

There is no one size fits all!

A combination of flooring type might suit your needs. Every home is different and you will need to choose what suits your home and style best. When choosing timber, hardwood, cork, bamboo or parquetry style talk to D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring are your flooring specialists. We bring your house plans to life and we can discussed the options that are available to you.

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How to take care of your parquetry flooring

Are you looking for the perfect flooring for your home? Parquetry flooring could be the best for you. It offers:

  • Ambiance
  • Warmth
  • Sophistication
  • Unique appearance

Produced in beautiful colours, a parquet floor is a type of traditional wood flooring. It is popular because of its magnificence, durability and easiness to care. Choosing it is an ideal selection for your visitors to appreciate and envy.

Parquetry flooring allows you to imagine.

Available various designs, we have the right parquetry pattern and style perfect for your taste. It comes in different colours, finishes and patterns. Having this flooring will make your home look stunningly beautiful.

To maintain its sheen and luster, a parquet floor requires care just like any other flooring types.

Here are a few ways to keep the beauty of your parquetry floors for years:

1. Prevent scratches

It’s ugly to see scratches on your parquet floors which can require a costly repair. To prevent scratches, avoid wearing high-heeled footwear when walking on it. Don’t wear your outside shoes on your parquet flooring because it might carry gravel, dirt, sand and other outside particles that may scratch your lovely flooring.

2. Clean regularly

Clean your parquet flooring daily to prevent dust accumulation. To do it, just use a soft broom or a vacuum cleaner. Mopping it should be avoided because accumulated moisture can damage your parquetry flooring. Parquetry floors are best used as a feature and not in wet areas like kitchens and laundries and defiantly not suitable for bathrooms.

Don’t move heavy objects across your parquetry flooring

If you can prevent moving heavy items on your parquetry floor, or if you really need to, take extra precautions. When moving certain heavy objects, use a soft cloth or pads under the item to prevent scuffing and scratching on your floor.

Taking care of your parquetry flooring is easy if you follow our tips.

For your flooring needs, call D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber and Cork Flooring and get a free quote today!