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Do you need to replace your hardwood floor after water damage to your home?

water-on-woodWe all know how easily a washing machine hose can become loose, or there’s a dishwasher leak. The last thing you need to do is come home from a hard day at work to find that your beautiful wooden floor has flooded.

Something was left in the sink and it overflowed, a mechanical fault or leak, when water floods inside your home, it will usually mean it is time to have your hardwood flooring replaced?

When should you have your wooden floor replaced? Read on:

If your floor gets badly water damaged then generally you will have to bite the bullet and have it replaced. If you want to keep your home’s beauty, replacing your hardwood floor is a must, especially after flooding.

To find out whether your flooring needs replacing, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much time has passed?

Air drying can help your floor return to its regular state. However, if 10 days have passed and your floor hasn’t dried, it’s time to have it replaced.


  • Check if any mould is present?

Be 100 % sure, as the presence of mould means floor replacement.  Once there is mould damage, it can be very difficult to remove, will cause a health hazard and the only answer is to replace your flooring.


  • What type of flooring do you have?

Different types of flooring have different levels of protection against flooding.  Be sure to check yours out!  Some may withstand better than others too.  For example, timber flooring can be dried but if it is attached to concrete, drying out is not usually possible.


  • Depending on the extent of the water damage you may only have to replace part of your hardwood flooring.

hardwoodDo you need to replace your floor after a flood?

If you have carefully assessed your hardwood floor and it needs replacing after that laundry leak – contact D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We offer flooring installation services and want to help you get your home back to normal as soon as possible. We can replace part or floor, do repairs or if the damage is extensive replace your whole floor.

Don’t delay time is of the essence in flooding situations, even if you are unsure whether the water ha cause damage give us a call.

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Why care for your hardwood floor during summer time?

wood floorWood flooring is a natural product so it response to different weather and environments like humidity variations. That is why, it is important that you take good care of your wood. Remember, wood floors can contract and expand even though they have been dried, cut and processed into flooring. These changes are noticeable and not good for your floor.

With summer just around the corner now is the time to give your flooring a little TLC.

Summer time

Did you think that hardwood floor will not react to heat? Well, you can think again. It might be spring and before you know it, summer can be here anytime. During warm and humid season, indoor humidity can rise up to 90%, your hardwood floor will absorb the moisture from the air causing it to expand. Then in winter your floor will shrink and this can cause cupping.

Cupping can occur when the edges of your floor boards is higher compared to its middle portion. This can also happen when spilled water is absorbed by the floor.

Cupping will make your floor uneven and generally can be reverse but is not good for your flooring.

To avoid cupping from happening, here are summer tips on how to care for your wood flood this hot summer months!

  • Put rugs in water prone areas such as your kitchen. This can prevent your floor from absorbing water which can create unnecessary cupping.
  • Never allow indoor humidity to rise excessively. You can turn on your air conditioner during summer months. This will give you a comfortable feel in your home and can also make your hardwood relax.
  • Clean up! To get the best of your hardwood floor, don’t forget to clean! It will make your hardwood appear flawless and look like new again!
  • Check your floor surface, does it need to be resealed or oiled?

Do these and enjoy your hardwood during summer and all year round!

Why care for your hardwood floor during summer time?

Need to install hardwood floors? Or need some repair? Contact D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring for your needs. We offer flooring installation services of any types including parquetry, cork and bamboo floors. Ring us for your free quotes today.

Hardwood floor cleaning, clean home for New Year

Spotted Gum from D.I.Y Parquetry and Cork

Spotted Gum from D.I.Y Parquetry and Cork

Excited for the holidays? You should be. The end of the year is near; Christmas is approaching and its summer! What news could be better than that? While you are busy preparing for end of year party, get together with friends and family, don’t forget to get your home ready.

Keeping your home clean

It’s the best time of the year. Wouldn’t it be right to have your home at its best? When it comes to making your home beautiful, nothing can match the beauty of a clean home. Keeping your home clean can be difficult especially during holidays when people are coming and going all the time, popping in for a visit and consistently walking through your home, leaving a trail of dirt and dust behind.

That’s where the challenge lies. So, you want can you do to keep your home clean?

Start with cleaning your hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are beautiful and they have that certain effect that makes your home elegant. However, they need proper care and maintenance, in order to keep their appearance looking it’s best even during the busiest month of the year.

Clean immediately

If there are food or wine spills, remember to clean it up right away. The longer it sits, the harder it is to remove them and the more chance of a stain happening. Make this your number one cleaning rule especially during this season when having a party becomes a common thing.

Be extra careful

When moving heavy furniture, make sure to do it carefully. You can use a thick pad, old towel or cloth underneath the furniture to prevent scratching. You can also ask for help when removing furniture – after all, four hands are better than two!

Sweep regularly

You’ll never know when guests will show up so always make sure your home is ready. Sweeping your hardwood floor can prevent dust and dirt buildup. Vacuum and mop once a week or as necessary and remember not to over wet your floor so dry mop immediately after to remove any excess water.

Don’t let your home gather dust this New Year, instead, keep it cleaned for that fabulous look for the holiday!

If your hardwood floor needs a facelift, don’t panic. Contact D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring for your flooring needs. We install hardwood flooring including parquet floors, cork and bamboo floors, see you in 2015. Phone for a free quote.