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What type of flooring can be laid over a cement floor?  

Timber productsWant to have a hardwood flooring? Even if your home was built with a concrete floor, you can still enjoy the beauty and charm of hardwood floors. You can have it just the way you want it because most hardwood flooring can be laid over a cement floor.

Types of wood flooring

If you want your home to have that rich colour and warm feeling that only a hardwood flooring can give, you can have it. Here are the lists of flooring that you can consider installing:

  • Solid wood
  • Parquetry flooring
  • Bamboo flooring
  • Cork flooring
  • Wooden Inlays

Having a cement floor base

Relax. You can still install hardwood flooring of your own choice. Did you know that some homeowners are having a cement floor first as the base of their flooring before they laid it with another flooring? Having a cement floor base can present you with a number of unique challenges.

With dry concrete as your base flooring, you can protect your hardwood flooring against very wet conditions. Remember, cement flooring can withstand conditions like this making them just the right flooring base. With the right sub floor, solid hardwood floors can be installed. However, for cement flooring, they must be totally dry before installing hardwood flooring.

KarriTest it for dryness first

You are excited to install a flooring of your choice over your cement floor, but here’s the catch – especially for new cement floor: test it for moisture first. The new cement floor is heavy with moisture. This is an important part of quality control in the flooring installation process. Should you do the test, make sure you do it 30 days after you install your cement floors.

To ensure that you achieve excellent results, let the professionals do it. They know what to do. Contact one to get that amazing, gorgeous look for your home that only a solid wood floor can give.

Got a cement floor – you can still make it beautiful with wooden flooring over the top

For professional advice, contact D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We can give you advice on what to do with your cement floor and even give you recommendations. We also offer full installation services for cork, parquetry, bamboo and timber flooring. Ring us now on 0409 081 679 to get your free measure and quote.

Taking care of your timber floors the easy way!

flooring by DIYTimber floors are a great feature in your home. They bring a lovely warm ambience of your home that is unparalleled. Wood floors radiate quality, style and durability to your home that will last for years.

This priceless beauty under your feet is irreplaceable and an investment you need to look after. The warmth it gives during cold months and the coolness it provides during summer is unique. You can walk on it with bare feet and feel comfortable all year round.

Taking care of your timber flooring is important. This will increase you floor’s longevity and ensures optimum walking experience.

Here a step by step to taking care of your timber floors the easy way:

Choose Quality Timber Floors

Choose a quality timber flooring that will you for years to come. Quality timber floors require less care and are harder wearing than low quality flooring materials, saving you money and time in the long run.

Choosing the best finish and installation process

Installation of timber floors is a tricky process, so make sure that your timber flooring done properly. Breathing is critical and is done by allowing the timber floor to grow and expand naturally in a few days before applying the final sealant. This makes sure that the flooring material settles perfectly on the floor surface and is the best time to check the alignment of the timber floor.

hardwood flooringChoose the best finish, those with the longest re-finishing time. This will save you a lot in terms of money, time and effort. It can be costly but it is also worth it every penny.

Regular cleaning

Vacuum or sweep any lose particles of dust or dirt that is brought in and onto your floor, then a good soft mop with the minimum of clean water is a must. Cleaning regularly with keep your floor sparkling and increase its life span.

Annual Maintenance

Yearly maintenance of your timber floor is very important. It gives you clear idea of your floor’s current condition. This is the best time to find damages, scratches etc and have any damage repaired before it becomes a big problem.

For quality timber floors, contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber and Cork Flooring we offer installation, maintenance and repair services. Call us today on 0409 081 679 and let’s talk!

How to prepare for DIY floor sanding project

Solid Wood Flooring Repair by DIY Parquetry & CorkAre your floor looking tired? Old floors don’t need to be replaced – not just yet. To bring back your floors to their former glory, you can always resand it. It’s amazing how tired, ageing and discoloured hardwood floor can be transformed into a gorgeous, new looking floor in just a day or two!

DIY floor sanding project

Don’t have to do over the weekend? Whether you have plenty of breaks or just want to try resanding your floor on your own, it’s a great project for you to do. You’ll make use of your time and you’ll end up having a beautiful floor that your home should have. When you are about to embark through your resanding project, there are some things you should prepare.

Here are some preparations for you:

  • Empty the room. You should make sure all the furniture and other things are move outside so you will have plenty of space to move around easily.
  • Remove floor coverings. Ensure that your floor is smooth on the surface and doesn’t have any coverings at all – even nails.
  • Vacuum the room. When you vacuum the entire room, you can get rid of dirt and other debris, giving a clean surface to resand.
  • Block up doorways. This will prevent the dust from getting into another room but keep your windows open for proper ventilation.
  • Watch for protruding nails. If there are any that you can’t remove, drive its head below the surface using a hammer.

living roomAnd, there you go – you are now ready to start resanding your floor.

How to prepare for DIY floor sanding project

Make sure you follow all the necessary preparations above so you can have an easy time resanding your floor – and it can make your project faster too. Are you ready to give your old floor a new, gorgeous look? Try resanding it!

Need to install new hardwood floor? For all your hardwood floor needs, contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We offer flooring installation services on different flooring such as cork, bamboo and parquetry. Ring us today for a free measure and quote.


Frequently asked questions about hardwood flooring you should know!

wood floorAre you looking for the right flooring for your home? Whether it’s a floor for a new home or you need a replacement for your old floor, it’s a great idea to choose hardwood flooring. Tough, durable and built to last, hardwood floors have an unmatched beauty. It gives off a warm look making everyone inside your home feel cosy and comfortable.

Beautiful hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring can be a beautiful investment for your home. They will make your look gorgeous plus its classic look never fades with time – they are always in style! They may seem pricey compared to other types of flooring, but it’s a worthy lifelong investment for your money.With regular care and maintenance, it can even outlast you!! Despite its popularity, some homeowners are still unsure about hardwood flooring, constantly enquiring. Here are a few frequently asked questions about hardwood flooring with the correct answers:

Can we install hardwood flooring if we have a pet dog or cat?

Many homeowners with pets are installing hardwood flooring. Your pet claws may scratch your flooring but it is your duty to trim your pet’s claws and nails on a regular basis to prevent floor scratches.

kitchen hardwood floorIs it safe to use hardwood flooring in the kitchen?

Yes – it will make your kitchen look very welcoming. One just needs to use caution where there may be a few spills and possible moisture.  As these are common issues, just be sure to wipe away any wetness as it happens or even place some mats around.

Can you install hardwood floor over a concrete slab?

Yes, given the concrete slab is properly dried, free of grease, oil, stains and dust. Be sure to ask your flooring contractor about your options to maximise the use of your flooring by suing the correct underlay.

Can we put hardwood flooring over an existing floor?

In some situations, yes. The existing flooring has to be fully adhered to the sub floor and be compressed enough not to create any bounce at all.

Frequently asked questions about hardwood flooring you should know!

If you have further questions about hardwood flooring, contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We can give you the answers you need and help you find the right flooring for your home. Ring us today for a free measure and quote.


5 FAQ questions asked about hardwood floors

hardwood floor for your homeHardwood floors are a beautiful asset in any home; they are aesthetic and hardwearing. However some niggling questions might come to your mind about how to properly look after them or install them. Read these 5 frequently asked questions and their answers to put your mind at rest.

  1. How to keep hardwood flooring clean and looking like new?
  2. Should I buy prefinished or unfinished hardwood?
  3. How to prevent the colour of hardwood floor from fading?
  4. I don’t have enough money for installation. Can I just do it myself?
  5. I am worried about pets scratching the floor. What can I do to prevent this?

How to keep the hardwood flooring clean and look like new?

Regularly clean the floors by using a broom, a mop, and  /or vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt and grit.Many things you’ll bring in on your shoes, sand especially, can damage the finish. Use outdoor and indoor door mats and shoe cleaners to minimise dirt, debris and moisture at the entry halls before it reaches the floor.

Always keep the surface of the floor dry. Wipe up spills immediately using dry cloth to avoid moisture. Never allow spills to remain on the wood of your floors as it can cause them rot or discolour over time.

Walk barefoot on the floors to avoid scratches on the finish or causing dents in your floors. If your floors are looking a little dull use wood flooring cleaner recommended by the installer to renew  the lustre following the directions labelled in it to get the best results.

Should I buy prefinished or unfinished hardwood?

If you want to match an existing hardwood floor with a new one in your home you may think of using unfinished hardwood,followed by application of a stain and finish. However this method may take up a lot of your time as finishing on site takes longer than just installing prefinished hardwood floors in your home.

Speaking of comfort, you may encounter inconvenience with dust from sanding and fumes from sealants while waiting for the work to be done at your home. If you want easy and hassle free installations then choose prefinished hardwood, it’s the best option to save you money and time. Or even better still get a professional floor installer to do it for you.

timber floorHow to prevent the colour of hardwood floor from fading?

Hardwood floors naturally undergo subtle colour changes as they age. This natural process is called patina; it in itself will add beauty to the floor. But there are some factors that drastically affect the changes of wood colours, such as sun exposure. Prevent direct sunlight from hitting your flooring.

You can minimise heat exposure by closing your curtains to block the sun. Apply water-based finishes to retain the colour of the wood floors as it minimises long term colour changes.

I don’t have enough money for installation. Can I just do it myself?

Yes. If you are that DIY type of person then you can do the work yourself. We can offer supply only for wood floor installations, just remember to carefully read and follow the directions to get the best results. But if you don’t have the time to do it all yourself, we recommend hiring professional installers that meet your exact requirements.

I am worried about pets scratching the floor. What can I do to prevent this?

Prevent scratches on the floors by regularly sweeping up the dirt that your pets bring in. You can also keep your floor smooth and flawless by trimming your pet’s nails regularly. Place scatter rugs on the floor to reduce the dirt and grit reaching the floors. If your pet comes inside muddy and filthy just give them a wash before freerun of the house is given.

It is best to consult a professional contractor to ask for specific advice about repairing scratches and avoiding them next time.

5 FAQ questions asked about hardwood floors

Read and follow the tips to get the best results you ever desired.

Need help installing your hardwood floors?

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4 ways to get rid of wood flooring gaps

gappingThink the weather can only affect the exterior of your home? You can think again, it can affect the inside too! As the humidity rises and falls, it’s common for gaps to appear in your hardwood floors. Gaps are caused by the wood expanding and compressing, depending on the weather condition. However, don’t worry because it may take years before gaps will show.

Don’t delay fixing wood gaps!

If your wood flooring has been with you for quite a long time, don’t be surprised to see some flooring gaps. Flooring gaps will show but you can minimise gaps by making sure the temperature inside is stabilised. However, if you discover there are gaps, it’s important that you take care of it sooner rather than later. Too many gaps or extremely wide gaps may be hard to fix so at the first sight of gaps, fixing them is important.

Here are 4 ways to get rid of flooring gaps:

Sliding boards back into their place

In case the floor is not fixed to the sub floor, you can move it. Work around the perimeter of the room and carefully get the boards back into their place. Remember; do not drag heavy furniture as this can caused wood gaps to appear again.

Filler strips

Put filler strips into the gaps. These fillers are fine lengths of wood the same colour as your flooring. It’s a very easy solution and after placing the strips, you may be required to sand the floor to make it smooth.

Gap filling with dust and resin

Gaps can also be filled with dust and resin. This solution is perfect for small gaps. Put together some sawdust with the same colour as your floor with clear resin filler until you get a firm paste. Using a spatula, apply the paste on the gap – it’s easy and gives an excellent result!

Acrylic filler

There are a lot of colours you can choose for your acrylic filler. Pick a colour which suits your wood flooring and then follow the instructions on the product. This will provide a smooth result.

4 ways to get rid of wood flooring gaps

Don’t be afraid of wood gaps anymore! These 4 ways can fix any wood gaps – quick and easy!

Repairing your floorSolid Wood Flooring Repair by DIY Parquetry & Cork

For your wood flooring and repair needs, contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We are your flooring specialists in Bunbury and the surrounding areas. Talk to us before ordering a whole to new floor, often we can repair the damaged piece and make the rest of the floor look like new. It costs nothing to ring and discuss your needs with DIY Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. Ring us today for a free quote.





Light vs dark wood flooring, which is best?

marri blackbutt parquetry

marri blackbutt parquetry

Your floor might be right under your feet but floors play a big part in creating just the right look and feel inside your home. Often we forget to take the floor colour into consideration when we are designing the colour system of a room or your whole house.

Give importance to your floor

Having the right floor can allow you to set the right mood. You can go modern or traditional without spending too much on decor. The right flooring for your home can complement and bring out your home’s style in an instant. You want to have a beautiful home, so don’t neglect your flooring, it is an investment that can last a life time.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is stunning and is perfect for any type of home. The best thing about this type of flooring is that it comes in many types, designs and colours. With so many shades available, how do you decide between light and dark? Which is best? When choosing between light vs. dark wood flooring, here’s some tips to make the right choice.

  • Current décor or proposed décor
  • Style you want
  • Complementing vs. contrasting

Take a look at your current décor–If you don’t want to change your décor, make sure you choose a wood colour that complements your current décor and style. Also, keep in mind that lighter colours can make a room appear bigger and darker hue will create a more dramatic atmosphere, making your room appear smaller and cosy. Think about this when planning your new homes décor or when doing your renos.

Choose your style–There are many styles available. It’s up to you to choose – whether you’ll go with a contemporary look, modern and minimal, heritage or you’ll choose a more rustic appearance. Once you’ll figure this out, you can come up with the perfect style to give your home the character you are looking for. There are many different types of wood that will suit your choice and don’t discount bamboo flooring, not strictly a hardwood but has all hardwoods characteristics and more.

Complementing vs. contrasting–You need to create a unified look. Consider choosing a wood that complements the current accent woods. Choose your flooring carefully to match in with the wooden furniture you are planning for that room. On the other hand, contrasting colours help to create definition but be extra careful as improper use of colour can create colour riot.

You can always add colour with cushions, throw rugs or curtains. When thinking of flooring, go with something that you can live with for a very long time. Accessorise with furniture and window coverings and you will be able to have many styles for your home over the years so choose the right flooring that can give you many years of finding the perfect base to start your home décor from.

Light vs dark wood flooring, which is best?

Light vs dark wood flooring, which is best? That depends on your tastes and requirements for your room and the style of your home.

Want to get some more advice on which hardwood flooring to choose? Contact D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring, we are your hardwood flooring experts. We’ll be happy to help you bring your vision to life, phone us on 0409 081 679 to discuss your needs.

3 Reasons Not To Have Carpet in Your Home

No-carpetCarpeting seems to be a good idea for your home, isn’t it? However, before you consider installing carpet, it will do you good if you do some research first. After all, purchasing a carpet is quite an investment.

If you have hardwood flooring, stick to it. You are probably thinking of adding carpet to your floor to enhance your home appearance but it’s worth some of your time to get to know carpeting deeper.

Reasons why you should not have carpeting

There’s a reason why hardwood floors are the choice of many homeowners and have been for years. Carpets started as rugs which used to be spring cleaned and then rolled away until the weather turned cool again. These days, modern carpets are attached to the floor for all year use and this is not good for your health f you are not having them professionally cleaned two or three times a year.

Here are 3 reasons NOT to have carpet in your home.

  1. Virus can live under your carpets
  2. Dead human skin cells hide under your carpet, creating a perfect home for dust mites
  3. Carcinogens gets embed on your carpet

Virus can live under your carpets

There is a survey in 2003 that Norovirus or a stomach flu causing virus can live under your carpet for a month of longer. This can pose health risk to you and your family. “Repeated outbreaks of norovirus have occurred even when carpets have been steam cleaned.” According to the Department of Health

Dead human skin cells hide under your carpet

The dust that you collect under your carpet is made up of your dead human skin cells.That’s not it, dust mites can eat your skin cells as they also can live under carpets. Gross, isn’t it?

Carcinogens gets embed on your carpet

Are there smokers inside your home, or has there ever been?

Chances are, the carcinogens from their cigarettes have been embed in your carpet which can be unhealthy your family especially children and toddlers who are in constant contact with the carpet.

3 Reasons Not To Have Carpet in Your Home

What to do? There are lots of healthy alternatives to carpets. If your hardwood floor is beautiful, who needs carpet anyway?

If your floor needs upgrade, you need a flooring then contact D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring, we offer timber flooring installation including cork, parquetry and bamboo. Ring us now for free measure and quotes –we’ll even come to you.

We have lots of samples and flooring ideas which are soft, warm and perfect for your home. Call D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring today to discuss your needs.

3 things to consider when sanding your wood floor!

Is your wood floor looking old and tired?

Don’t worry! That can happen over time and with use. The beauty of solid wood floors is they can be sanded, refinished and brought back to life at a fraction of the cost of replacing your floor.

If you love your hardwood floor and want to preserve it for a long time, relax! You can always have your hardwood refinished.

Sanding your wood floor

Sanding your hardwood will make your wood floor shine like new, as if you have just been polished and installed yesterday.

Things you need to know if you are considering having your floors sanded. Look for a company that offers refinishing services now, has a good reputation and been in business a ling time.  Here are 3 factors to consider when having your hardwood floor resanded.

  • Mess
  • Thickness of the hardwood
  • Humidity


Refinishing a hardwood is a messy job. The process involves removing a thin layer of wood from the surface of your floor which will create a lot of sawdust. Then followed by applying stains and finishes, some of which can smell terrible. It can be an extensive project so you might consider leaving your home until the dust and the smell are all gone.

Jarrah solid wood flooring from D.I.Y Parquetry and Cork

Jarrah solid wood flooring from D.I.Y Parquetry and Cork

Thickness of the hardwood

You can refinish your hardwood many times over. However, take note that they are going to wear down eventually.


Think about the weather. In winter and on humid days, it might take longer for the stains to dry. This means that your home may be is inaccessible for a few more days.

3 things to consider when sanding your wood floor

As you can see there are many things to consider when you are thinking about having your wood floors refinished.Best to get some advice from a professional, that will make it easy for you.

D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring are your local professional flooring experts, we lay floors, resand floor and repair floors and have done it for years. Give D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring a call to discuss all your flooring needs.