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How much does a timber flooring cost?

timber floorTimber flooring is a popular feature in a lot of Australian homes today. Wood flooring gives your home a unique quality that is elegant and stylish; perfect for all types of homes from contemporary to heritage to minimalist. The question is how much does it cost to install it?

Timber flooring costs

A new flooring project can be a big investment that is why; you want to know how much it cost before making such a big purchase. Ask for a free quote. Make sure your quote includes everything that you will need to pay.

Factors that affect the cost of timber flooring

Timber flooring cost involves two things – installation of the timber flooring and the cost of the flooring material. If you say installed, it means that its price include the fee for both the material and the labour. On the other hand, if it doesn’t say installed, the price is for only material themselves.

Factors that affect the cost

Some of the most common factors that affect the cost of timber flooring installation are:

  • Type of wood used. Do you have a particular type of wood in mind? Locally grown Australian hardwoods are often cheaper and well suited to the Australian conditions.
  • Cost of finishing. Finishing work is required after the wood is installed so make sure that is included in the cost.
  • Labour cost. This may actually depend on the type of work and the area that has to be covered. Want to add some embellishments and designs you require.
  • Preparation costs. The cost of preparing your existing floor to have the wood layed over it. In days gone by wood was a stand alone flooring over joists but today most wood floors are a thinner lay of wood layed over your existing floor for new homes generally concrete.
  • Travel. If you are in a remote, rural or out of the way area you may have to pay travel and or accommodation costs for the floor installers.
  • Quality. Smaller job may incur extra freight or charges if the wood is not already in stock.

How much does a timber flooring cost?

As you can see there are many factors that go into the cost of your timber flooring so the best thing to do is get a free onsite quote, that way you will know the exact costs of your flooring before you start.

D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring offer free onsite quotes and we travel too.
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5 Frequently Asked Questions about Timber Floors

timber floorThere may still be things that you find confusing even though you know how great timber floors are and the benefits you enjoy from their use.  Here are 5 frequently asked questions that may answer your queries.

  1. My floor has black paint on it. Can the original colour of the timber be restored?
  2. How do I keep my timber floor clean?
  3. Which type of woodis appropriate for my home?
  4. Which sheen is right for my floor?
  5. Why do I need to order 10% more flooring than is needed for installation?

1. My floor has black paint on it. Can the original colour of the timber be restored?

Yes, however you should take care and ask a professional to do the work for you because Black Japan or Jap Black, as it is called, was a very popular edition to wood flooring in 1930’s and can contain lead.

Lead based paints and dull finishes will release nasty gases which can affect your health; your nervous system.  Call D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring as we have the proper materials and professional skills for the job.

2. How can I keep my timber flooring clean?

Regularly dust mop and vacuum your timber floors. Use door mats in every entry to minimise dirt that will be traipsed over the floor. Always keep the surfaces dry to prevent the timber from rotting and looking dull.

Avoid using any abrasive chemicals on the floor as they can cause discolouration. Apply the finish recommended by your contractor to assure great results. You can mix white vinegar and water for an alternative cleaning agent. White vinegar is great for cutting grease, odours, mildew, stains and any build-up of dirt. Don’t overwater your flooring, always dry mop after cleaning to remove any excess moisture.

3. Which type of wood species is appropriate for my home?

If you want your room to appear wide and airy then light woods or bamboo are perfect for you as they are also cost effective and look great.  Use medium woods like black butt or marri to give your room a warm and cosy feel.

Want that elegant look in your home? Use dark wood like jarrah as they can make you home look stately, refined and elegant.

Deciding which type of wood you use will depend on your style, budget, and feel you wish to create for your home.

4. Which sheen is right for my floor?

This depends on your preference. You can choose the sheen to match with the theme and décor of your home while protecting the timber floors. Satin gloss finishes offer a great shine that reflect light, perfect for a prestigious and elegant look in your home.

Or, if you want a moderate glow then semi-gloss finishes are perfect for you. You can also create that rustic feel with a matte finish as they offer the least shine while matching to your furniture displays.

5. Why do I need to order 10% more flooring than is needed for installation?

As a rule, you should order 10% more flooring than you need in your home because some of the material will be cut to fit the exact measurement of your home and the remains may not be able to be used elsewhere. Not all squares are square, especially in older homes you may find your walls are not perfectly square, so the extra flooring will cover any fit problems may encounter.

Your contractor can be your best partner to estimate the material that will be needed in the job. Ensure when ordering timber for installation that you order 10 % extra timber to complete the job.

Frequently Asked Questions about Timber Floors

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