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What’s the right colour for your floor?

wood floorYou can’t go wrong with installing wood floors in your home. Hardwood floors are beautiful to look at but they don’t stand alone, they need to complement your walls, interior design and colour scheme.

What if you choose a random colour?

If you randomly choose a colour just because you like it without considering the existing look and appearance of your home, you’ll be disappointed with the results later. Before you know it, you realise you just lose a considerable amount of time, money and effort on your flooring project. You don’t want that, do you? Then, you should choose the right wood colour for your floor.

Choosing the right wood colour

Today, wood floors are available in so many colours which mean that there is something that can match just about any designs and ideas you have. While it’s good to be creative to try something new, when it comes to choosing the right colour for your wood flooring, there are certain guidelines to follow in order to avoid making costly and embarrassing flooring mistakes.

Here are some tips for you follow:

  • Room size, ceiling height and wall colour should be considered. The colour of your wood floor should complement them to get quality results.
  • Avoid using dark wood colours in small rooms with dark walls as this will make the room look gloomy.
  • Dark wood colours are a good choice since they can bring out the warmth in other elements of your décor.
  • For low ceiling rooms, go for lighter shade of wood colour.
  • Go with colours that contrast and complement your existing colour scheme. Don’t choose the same colour for your wood floor and furniture.
  • For classic look, go for natural unstained wood, they’ll go well with your dream design.
  • For chic and modern interiors, go for darker and black tones.

While your personal preference is very important, it should not be your only deciding factor.

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What is the energy efficiency of a wood floor?

KarriDo you want to live in a comfortable home?

Do you badly wish for a lower energy bills?

Are you desperate to insulate your home for better indoor living?

The answer to this is to install wood floor.

Wood floor for your comfort

Wood floors are beautiful and they enhance your home’s interior appeal. With wood floors, your home becomes unique, elegant, and stylish and has that distinctive appeal. Wood floors don’t just make a good floor because of their aesthetic appeal, but also because they are energy efficient.

Wood flooring options for every situation

Timber or wood flooring is your best option, especially if you want to lower your energy bills. What is the energy efficiency of a wood floor?Wood floors breathe so they can keep the heat in winter and are cool on hot summer day.

With wood floors, you will be far less reliant on external heating and cooling, no need to turn your air conditioner on except for the hottest of days and you will stay warm without having to wrap yourself with heavy clothes during winter. Wood floors make your indoor living comfortable by acting as a thermal collector and trapping in your hot or cold air for the right season.

Wood flooring, perfect for your home

You can never go wrong with wood flooring. Your home will be the object of envy of your friends. You will take pride in your floor know that it is not just beautiful, but also comfortable to walk on – even on a chilly winter night. The energy efficiency of a wood floor is guaranteed effective. You can be sure about that. With wood floors, you get the quality flooring that your money deserves.

Exact energy efficiency of a wood floor

To fit the exact energy efficiency of a particular type of wood flooring you are looking at contact DIY Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring, we have the exact specs for all our wood products.

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Which is better for your home: Bamboo or hardwood flooring?

Bamboo5Wood is one of the most beautiful materials for flooring you can have in your home!

Many people love wood flooring because of it’s:

  • classic beauty
  • warm effect
  • gorgeous look

Wooden floors can turn your home from ordinary to extremely fabulous!

Did you know that, bamboo flooring is a great type of wooden floor, ok not strictly wood as it is a grass but never the less another wonderful type of hardwood floor for you to check out.

Bamboo and wood flooring comparison

Love wood flooring? You should, with its unmatched beauty and properties, wood flooring is the best flooring there is but, have you heard about bamboo flooring? Bamboo flooring is one of the newest flooring options but has caught the attention of many home owners.

At first glance, wood and bamboo flooring look the same. They have a similar look, feel, beauty and shared a lot of characteristics but they are not of the same kind. Wood flooring came from lumber and trees, be it hardwood or softwood but bamboo is a type of grass.

Despite their similarities on appearance and quality, you can compare both by these following criteria:

  • Hardness
  • Appearance difference


The hardness of bamboo flooring depends on its kind and material being used. Bamboo flooring is a durable flooring material you can rely all the time.

On the other hand, wood flooring comes in two types – hardwood and softwood. Both of these are sturdy, durable and can last for many years. Some wood flooring materials can reach up to 2500 to 3500 on the relative hardness rating (which is hard).

Appearance difference

With hardwood, there are different species, each of which havea different and unique look. With hardwood you have a huge range of colours, textures and grain patterns, this gives you the freedom to choose the look you exactly want for your home. Bamboo flooring come with several different species and the main difference is colour, with all having a consistent look. Bamboo flooring comes in a range from a soft golden colour through to darker tones and is very versatile to fit into any type of home.

Which is better for your home: Bamboo or hardwood flooring?

Bamboo or hardwood flooring, which is better, well it comes down to personal choice. Both bamboo and wood flooring are a great – beautiful and elegant to look at. Choose between the two will depend on what you like the look of, either way you will have a lovely floor to enjoy in your home for many years to come.

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