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How to protect your hardwood floors from winter

Your hardwood floors are tough, durable and yes, beautiful. During winter, they are exposed to heavy amount of traffic. Why, people just want to stay indoors! It’s important that you take good care of your floor as they are an asset to your home. Floor maintenance should be done all year round but they are more required during the chilly winter months.

What damage can winter cause to hardwood floors?

There are many factors that cause your floors to be damaged and sadly, the chilly weather doesn’t help. Things to watch out for are gaps, scrapes and scratches.

How to protect your hardwood floor from winter

Here are some things that you can do to help to prevent damage to your floors this winter:

1. Keep a consistent temperature. Sudden temperature changes can cause wood planks to separate. If you’re using a heater, avoid turning it into full blast, gradually increase the heat to protect your floor against separation and gapping.

2. Clean your floors. Sweep, vacuum and mop your floors. Do not let the dirt piled up!

3. Layout floor mats. Laying floor mats reduces the amount of traffic directly on to your flooring and decrease the amount of dirt coming in contact with your floor too.

4. Take off your shoes. Before entering your home, ask everyone to remove their shoes. Shoes are one of the most common tools for tracking in outside dirt, especially in the wet.

How to protect your hardwood floors from winter

Follow these tips and you will be able to enjoy your beautiful floors for many years to come.

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Light vs dark wood flooring, which is best?

marri blackbutt parquetry

marri blackbutt parquetry

Your floor might be right under your feet but floors play a big part in creating just the right look and feel inside your home. Often we forget to take the floor colour into consideration when we are designing the colour system of a room or your whole house.

Give importance to your floor

Having the right floor can allow you to set the right mood. You can go modern or traditional without spending too much on decor. The right flooring for your home can complement and bring out your home’s style in an instant. You want to have a beautiful home, so don’t neglect your flooring, it is an investment that can last a life time.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is stunning and is perfect for any type of home. The best thing about this type of flooring is that it comes in many types, designs and colours. With so many shades available, how do you decide between light and dark? Which is best? When choosing between light vs. dark wood flooring, here’s some tips to make the right choice.

  • Current décor or proposed décor
  • Style you want
  • Complementing vs. contrasting

Take a look at your current décor–If you don’t want to change your décor, make sure you choose a wood colour that complements your current décor and style. Also, keep in mind that lighter colours can make a room appear bigger and darker hue will create a more dramatic atmosphere, making your room appear smaller and cosy. Think about this when planning your new homes décor or when doing your renos.

Choose your style–There are many styles available. It’s up to you to choose – whether you’ll go with a contemporary look, modern and minimal, heritage or you’ll choose a more rustic appearance. Once you’ll figure this out, you can come up with the perfect style to give your home the character you are looking for. There are many different types of wood that will suit your choice and don’t discount bamboo flooring, not strictly a hardwood but has all hardwoods characteristics and more.

Complementing vs. contrasting–You need to create a unified look. Consider choosing a wood that complements the current accent woods. Choose your flooring carefully to match in with the wooden furniture you are planning for that room. On the other hand, contrasting colours help to create definition but be extra careful as improper use of colour can create colour riot.

You can always add colour with cushions, throw rugs or curtains. When thinking of flooring, go with something that you can live with for a very long time. Accessorise with furniture and window coverings and you will be able to have many styles for your home over the years so choose the right flooring that can give you many years of finding the perfect base to start your home décor from.

Light vs dark wood flooring, which is best?

Light vs dark wood flooring, which is best? That depends on your tastes and requirements for your room and the style of your home.

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3 Reasons Not To Have Carpet in Your Home

No-carpetCarpeting seems to be a good idea for your home, isn’t it? However, before you consider installing carpet, it will do you good if you do some research first. After all, purchasing a carpet is quite an investment.

If you have hardwood flooring, stick to it. You are probably thinking of adding carpet to your floor to enhance your home appearance but it’s worth some of your time to get to know carpeting deeper.

Reasons why you should not have carpeting

There’s a reason why hardwood floors are the choice of many homeowners and have been for years. Carpets started as rugs which used to be spring cleaned and then rolled away until the weather turned cool again. These days, modern carpets are attached to the floor for all year use and this is not good for your health f you are not having them professionally cleaned two or three times a year.

Here are 3 reasons NOT to have carpet in your home.

  1. Virus can live under your carpets
  2. Dead human skin cells hide under your carpet, creating a perfect home for dust mites
  3. Carcinogens gets embed on your carpet

Virus can live under your carpets

There is a survey in 2003 that Norovirus or a stomach flu causing virus can live under your carpet for a month of longer. This can pose health risk to you and your family. “Repeated outbreaks of norovirus have occurred even when carpets have been steam cleaned.” According to the Department of Health

Dead human skin cells hide under your carpet

The dust that you collect under your carpet is made up of your dead human skin cells.That’s not it, dust mites can eat your skin cells as they also can live under carpets. Gross, isn’t it?

Carcinogens gets embed on your carpet

Are there smokers inside your home, or has there ever been?

Chances are, the carcinogens from their cigarettes have been embed in your carpet which can be unhealthy your family especially children and toddlers who are in constant contact with the carpet.

3 Reasons Not To Have Carpet in Your Home

What to do? There are lots of healthy alternatives to carpets. If your hardwood floor is beautiful, who needs carpet anyway?

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How to care for timber floors?

Your timber floors are a great asset to your home.

Here is how to care for your timber floors:

Timber flooring needs proper care and maintenance, remember prevention is better than cure so here are a few things that can harm your timber flooring:

  • Sand
  • Sun

Sand is one thing that could harm your beautiful flooring without you knowing it. It is mostly cause by sand which was brought inside by footwear; it acts like sandpaper which can scratch and mark your floors. Solution to this scenario is to have a mat outside your door, this will, if not eliminate, reduce the sands that enters your house. Another option is to get people to remove their shoes when entering your house. Place mats in entry areas of your home so that they catch the sand and dirt before it enters your home and can damage your lovely wooden floors.

Sun can cause your timber floor to fade, develop gaps or just dry out. Extreme sunlight that directly hits your floor can affect the performance of your floor’s finish. Curtains or window blinds can prevent this from happening. It reduces and even blocks the sunlight from entering your house. Added advantage is it keep your home cooler

When prevention is nicely done, maintenance will be easier.

A regular sweeping, vacuuming and cleaning will definitely keep your floor in best condition. Spot cleaning or spot mopping should be done when liquid spillage happen. When spill occur, mop them up immediately and this will prevent most staining. If stains do occur contact DIY Parquetry Timber and Cork Flooring for specialist advice your particular need.

Always keep in mind to check your vacuum cleaners brushes if it is already worn out, replace it instantly as it well scratch your floor.

Dry mopping and damp mopping are two different means of cleaning your floor. Dry mopping can be done as often as possible without you having to worry about damaging your floor. Damp mopping on the other hand should be done with proper knowledge of your floors condition, always see to it that the finish is intact to avoid damaging your timber floor. When damp mopping, wet the mop first then wring it out properly then you can start mopping.

Avoid using detergents or abrasive cleaners when mopping as they are proven harsh to your floor’s finish.

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How to maintain your hardwood floors this Christmas

What do you normally do during the holiday season? Busy wrapping gifts? Decorating your home? Preparing the menu for Christmas night? All these things are part of the holidays but as friends and family gather in your home, do not forget that your hardwood floor face many threats.

Christmas is the time for parties and visits. Expect your friends and relatives to pay you a visit which means that your hardwood floors will endure a lot of wear and tear. Should you just watch as your floor takes all this? NO!

Prevention is always better than cure.

You can maintain and protect your hardwood floor this Christmas with a little preparation beforehand.

Maintaining hardwood floors this holiday

How to maintain your hardwood floors this Christmas? Here are things that you can do for your floor:

  • Christmas trees
  • Parties
  • Traffic

Protect floor from your Christmas tree

Who doesn’t love Christmas tree? It has become a common Christmas décor inside every home. Christmas trees make Christmas more magical and colourful!

Real Christmas Trees

Are you getting a real Christmas tree? Consider putting a thick doormat under your tree. This will prevent water from pooling on your hardwood floor.

Just a tip: check the base of your tree regularly for water pools and promptly clean the water before it sits on your floor.

Christmas Trees

If you are dragging out your old favourite Christmas Tree from storage, give it a once over before you put it up. Check the feet make sure there are no sharp edges.

When decorating, consider how you are spreading the weight of the decorations, if you tree is large you may have to consider securing it in a bucket or even attaching some ties to secure it. The last thing you want is all your hard work or decorating your beautiful tree go to waste when it falls over and damages your floor or worse!

Holiday parties are great fun.

Christmas is a cheerful season – parties here, there and everywhere! This is also the time when your floor is exposed to a lot of threats. You can consider:

  • Putting mats in your home, especially at your external doors
  • Drying any spilled drinks immediately
  • Dry mops your floor after the party

Party? Bring it on! Increased traffic doesn’t bother you anyway!

Christmas means friends and family – more traffic.

Having people over is great just remember to prepare first, take your party outside.

Eat outside

Have your food outside, everyone will love eating in the cool of your outdoor area.

Remove high heels

High heels is one of the worse things for your wood floors. High heels cause a lot of pressure in a small area and can cause a lot of damage to your flooring another reason to take your party outside.

This Christmas season, look after your hardwood floor. You can enjoy the holidays without sacrificing your floor. Plus, having a lovely floor will only make your holidays more enjoyable and memorable. When the parties and holiday cheers are all but gone, you will still have a gorgeous floor.

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How to protect your wood floors this winter?

Winter is here and the wind is damp and the temperature has dropped, friends and families gather inside your home. During winter you might be more concerned in keeping your indoor warm and cosy than maintaining and cleaning your wood floors.

Your wood floors make your home truly beautiful. They offer warmth, sleek, elegant feel of your home. Wood floors are durable, but during winter months, they will require a bit more care.

How to protect your wood floors this winter?

Here are some steps to protect and keep your wood floors clean in winter:

Use mats, mats and more mats

During winter, water and moist are everywhere, brought in your shoes, coats and bags.  Your wood floors are vulnerable to too much water especially if it is left to sit. Your floor boards might warp or be stained from being constantly wet, causing them to lose their natural luster. The best way to protect your wood floors from winter elements is to use lots of mats around your home and leave your shoes outside.

Train your pets

Do you have pets? Your pets might bring outdoor dirt and dust inside your home every time they go out. Train your dog to stay on the mat and do not forget to place a towel near your door. When your dog is ready to come inside, wipe his paws and coat dry. This will decrease the chance of bringing in dirt and moisture this winter.

Clean spills immediately

You are careful, but sometimes, water and moisture will get onto your wood floors. Clean it immediately and don’t leave any wet spots or dampness.

How to protect your wood floors this winter?

With these tips, you can protect your wood floors through this winter and ehjoy your wood floors all year round. For all your wood flooring needs contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring today.