Taking good care of your floor, the easy way!

hardwoood floorHaving a perfect, beautiful floor is not difficult to look after. With a high quality surface, taking care of your hardwood floor is easy and simple. Dry cleaning with a broom, mop or a vacuum cleaner is all you need to do. Plus,using a cleaning solution, can do wonders as well!

  • How to maintain your floor
  • How hot should the mop water be?
  • How damp is damp?
  • Will damp mopping clean my floor?
  • What’s the best way to mop my floor?

 To enjoy your lovely floor for many years, you need to make sure you are cleaning it correctly. Here are some tips you should take note of for the best results:

How hot should the mop water be?

It’s best to use hot water (but not boiling) and a very dry mop. Be sure to use a only cleaning products that are recommended for your finish. Avoid using harsh cleaners, such as bleach (as it is acidic) and can cause floors to look a bit dull over time… If in doubt, ask your installer.

How damp is damp?

When there is no longer any water droplets’ coming out of your mop when you wring it, but it still feels moist.

rose gum floor by DIYWill damp mopping clean my floor?

Yes, it can. Often hot water will be enough. For very dirty floors or particularly stubborn stains use a little bit of recommended floor cleaner. Don’t use too much cleaner though – a small amount is usually enough.You can effectively clean your floor without much effort.

What’s the best way to mop my floor?

When mopping, don’t forget to first remove the dust and dirt on your floor using a broom or a vacuum cleaner. This can make your job a lot easier. Wipe your floor in the direction of the installation (the direction your floor has been installed in) – this will give you the best results – no smears or streaks at all!

Taking good care of your floor the easy way!

Know how to clean your floor and enjoy its beauty for years to come! For your hardwood floor needs – whether its repair or installation, contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. We are your flooring specialist – we can do small and big jobs! Ring us today at 0409 081 679 for a free quote.