Timber flooring a healthy choice for your home

Timber floor a wonderful healthy flooringA healthy living is always an issue to tackle in your home and concerns parents greatly.

Having most important part is to provide a clean floor natural so that dirt, bacteria and other contaminants are spread through your home. Timber floors are great at achieving a clean healthy floor much better than a lot of other flooring options.

A healthier choice means the safety from toxins that wooden flooring material gives over time. Timber floors are installed using water-based seals with no harsh odour and only a very low amount of odours after installation which ensures a better air quality inside your home.

Timber flooring a healthy choice for your home and your family.

Replacing your carpets and opting for a timber flooring solution will be beneficial for those sensitive to dust, allergy sufferers and asthmatics . Carpets tend to trap dirt and dust with everyday use resulting into stock pile of particles in time, that when disturbed may cause a burst back into the air. With proper care and maintenance, carpets can be prevented from piling dust particles. Timber floors don’t have the same hidden dust problems because when dirt or dust starts to build you can see it and easily sweep it away.

Timber flooring is very easy to clean and maintain; with just a regular sweeping and vacuuming, dirt and dust can be removed. There are lots of colours, type and sizes of wooden flooring that is sure to suit your home and make you wonder why you waited so long to make the change.

Timber flooring is cool in summer but warm in winter. This characteristic is unparalleled among other flooring solutions. You will surely find timber flooring very comfy to step in even with bare feet.

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