What type of wood floor can I buy?


Marri hardwood flooring

Solid wood flooring comes is many different species which us a huge range of colours and grain patterns. For some species, the natural colours will be quite consistent while others will have a variety of shades in colour and tones. This will generally occur when the sapwood (the outer layer of timber beneath the bark) is much lighter in colour than the heartwood. Variations can occur even within individual trees giving a range of colour and effect to the wood. Different trees with in species will also give different results depending on the age of the tree; younger trees will often be lighter in colour than more mature ones.

Things to consider when choosing a timber species for your wood floor:

Colour. If you are looking for a consistent colour be sure to pick a timber species that has little variation. You may need to mix similar coloured species to get the look you are want.

View before you buy. View large sample to see true effect of what the timber will look like. Printed photos in brochures or images on a computer screens WILL NOT give the real effect of what the timber colour will look like. A sample flooring board is still not enough to show the colour variations of the wood. To get the best idea of what the species will look like you need to view a larger panels in showrooms or an entire floor to be able to cover the full range of potential colour variation.

Not all suppliers are equal. Same wood from two different suppliers will not necessarily be the same colour. Depending where the timber is coming from, country, region, plantation and tree age; these factors can make a huge differences in the colour and grain of same type of wood flooring.

Please remember when choosing a timber floor, no matter how large a sample you have seen this will only be indicative of the species colour; and natural variation should be expected in your new flooring.

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