What are the environmental benefits of wood floors?

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Whether you are looking for ways to upgrade the look of your home or a reno project, installing a hardwood floor is an attractive choice. Wood floors have been a popular choice for many homeowners because of it gives a sense of permanence to any interior. Plus, it is known to last for a lifetime! It has a long shelf life especially when given the proper care and maintenance.

Apart from its beautiful and elegant look, wood flooring offers a lot of environmental benefits. Did you know that wood flooring is a renewable source?

Yes, it’s possible to harvest wood without any serious impact on the environment. Once harvested, they can be regrown time and time again. Here are some lists of environmental benefits:

  • Indoor air quality is better. As a result, you can enjoy indoor living more.
  • Wood floor uses less water and energy to produce. This means that you can save more water and energy which is also an important saving practice these days.
  • At the end of its life service, wood floors can be burned as fuel or recycled. You don’t have to worry about disposing of your hardwood floors anymore.
  • Wood floors can last for a hundred years which means that you may never need to replace it.

Don’t worry – if you are thinking of contributing to global warming because you are installing wooden floors, you are wrong. It does not contribute because the average net grown for hardwood is greater than the average annual removal.

What are the environmental benefits of wood floors?

The use of wood as flooring doesn’t harm the environment in any way. Hardwoods are safe to use and only offer beauty and longevity when use as a flooring material. Are you convinced now? If you want to install hardwood flooring to your home, contact D.I.Y. Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring for all your needs. We offer flooring installation as well as repair services.

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