What is cork flooring?

Cork flooring from D.I.Y. Parquetry and CorkCork flooring is one of the most unique ways to use cork and it will leave you feeling like you are walking on air. Cork flooring has been used in the America for a very long time, since around the turn of the]. “It is great for sound control because it absorbs foot falls and noise. Traditionally, it’s was originally used in places that needed to be quiet like libraries and churches; but now you see it everywhere and it can be used in your home.

Why use cork flooring?

Cork is environmentally friendly and a sustainable resource. It is brilliant in a family home, quiet, warm in Winter, cool in Summer and resilient. Your children can sit in comfort without you having to worry about them getting a chill from cold flooring.  Cork flooring is hard wearing and easy to clean perfect for small children who are prone to spilling things, it is even waterproof. No stress no worries with cork flooring in your home.

Where is cork flooring suitable?


Cork is suitable for all areas of your home, living areas, kitchens, and is great for bedrooms. The only exception for using a cork floor would be the bathroom, although cork is waterproof the constant wet in the bathroom is just too much for it. Cork is not affected by humidity so it means it does not expand or shrink which can be a problem for many types of flooring.

Cork floors and allergy sufferers?

Yes definitely!

Cork flooring doesn’t absorb dust so it is great for allergy sufferers. It doesn’t change temperature with the seasons, so it is warm in winter cool in summer. Cork is a good grat for your reducing your energy bills as doesn’t absorb heat in summer and the heat is bounced back into the room in winter so it keeps your room at a comfortable temperature without extra cooling or heating. Cork flooring is excellent as a sound absorber and is very cushioning, soft to walk, sit or play on, excellent for your family home.

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