What is the energy efficiency of a wood floor?

KarriDo you want to live in a comfortable home?

Do you badly wish for a lower energy bills?

Are you desperate to insulate your home for better indoor living?

The answer to this is to install wood floor.

Wood floor for your comfort

Wood floors are beautiful and they enhance your home’s interior appeal. With wood floors, your home becomes unique, elegant, and stylish and has that distinctive appeal. Wood floors don’t just make a good floor because of their aesthetic appeal, but also because they are energy efficient.

Wood flooring options for every situation

Timber or wood flooring is your best option, especially if you want to lower your energy bills. What is the energy efficiency of a wood floor?Wood floors breathe so they can keep the heat in winter and are cool on hot summer day.

With wood floors, you will be far less reliant on external heating and cooling, no need to turn your air conditioner on except for the hottest of days and you will stay warm without having to wrap yourself with heavy clothes during winter. Wood floors make your indoor living comfortable by acting as a thermal collector and trapping in your hot or cold air for the right season.

Wood flooring, perfect for your home

You can never go wrong with wood flooring. Your home will be the object of envy of your friends. You will take pride in your floor know that it is not just beautiful, but also comfortable to walk on – even on a chilly winter night. The energy efficiency of a wood floor is guaranteed effective. You can be sure about that. With wood floors, you get the quality flooring that your money deserves.

Exact energy efficiency of a wood floor

To fit the exact energy efficiency of a particular type of wood flooring you are looking at contact DIY Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring, we have the exact specs for all our wood products.

For your wood flooring needs, contact DIY Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring. You can call us and we’ll give you a fee estimate or you can drop by at our showroom for inspect of our products. We travel and offer free onsite quotes. Call D.I.Y. Parquetry today on 0409 081 679.