Where to buy spotted gum timber floors in Bunbury?

spotted GumSearching for the best spotted gum timber floors in Bunbury? D.I.Y Parquetry, Timber & Cork Flooring is the place you are looking for.

Reasons to buy spotted gum timber floors from us:

  1. Good for Allergies
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Durable and long lasting
  4. Attractive and suits many styles of home
  5. Great for children

Good for Allergies

Say goodbye allergies as spotted gum timber flooring is an allergen proof floor. If you are asthmatic or allergy sufferer, this is perfect for you as timber doesn’t harbour dust mites, allergens or other bacteria that can cause health problems. Breathe in fresh air and it is easy to keep your floors clean.

Easy to clean

Sweep, mop or vacuum your timber floor then you’ll be done! It is that easy and you can be assured that your floor is dirt-free. You can go about your business immediately cleaning wood floors only takes minutes, saving you time and money.

Durable and long lasting

Made from strong timber, spotted gum has a high natural resistance to wear and tear with a few precautions your floor will have a gorgeous look all year round.

If properly polished, scratches and dents will not be present in the flooring. Spotted gum is a very hard wood flooring species and the perfect flooring choice for pets, children and your family home.

Attractive and suits many styles of home

Having a variety of colours, the heartwood ranges from gorgeous pale browns to deep red-brown while sapwood is white. Some may have a touch of orange tint making it look classy perfect for your lounge room.

Having the bark shed in patches, the specie looks spotted making it more attractive. The wavy grain creates a fabulous fiddleback figure.

Great for children

No need to put your kids to their playroom to make them comfortable. Let them play on the spotted gum timber flooring as it is cosy and hygienic, no need to worry of dust or dirt that cause irritations and such.

They will even love the ambience all the time whether it is winter or summer as timber is a great weather insulator. You can place rag to protect the flooring and make the most of it for longer years.

Where to buy spotted gum timber floors in Bunbury

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