Why care for your hardwood floor during summer time?

wood floorWood flooring is a natural product so it response to different weather and environments like humidity variations. That is why, it is important that you take good care of your wood. Remember, wood floors can contract and expand even though they have been dried, cut and processed into flooring. These changes are noticeable and not good for your floor.

With summer just around the corner now is the time to give your flooring a little TLC.

Summer time

Did you think that hardwood floor will not react to heat? Well, you can think again. It might be spring and before you know it, summer can be here anytime. During warm and humid season, indoor humidity can rise up to 90%, your hardwood floor will absorb the moisture from the air causing it to expand. Then in winter your floor will shrink and this can cause cupping.

Cupping can occur when the edges of your floor boards is higher compared to its middle portion. This can also happen when spilled water is absorbed by the floor.

Cupping will make your floor uneven and generally can be reverse but is not good for your flooring.

To avoid cupping from happening, here are summer tips on how to care for your wood flood this hot summer months!

  • Put rugs in water prone areas such as your kitchen. This can prevent your floor from absorbing water which can create unnecessary cupping.
  • Never allow indoor humidity to rise excessively. You can turn on your air conditioner during summer months. This will give you a comfortable feel in your home and can also make your hardwood relax.
  • Clean up! To get the best of your hardwood floor, don’t forget to clean! It will make your hardwood appear flawless and look like new again!
  • Check your floor surface, does it need to be resealed or oiled?

Do these and enjoy your hardwood during summer and all year round!

Why care for your hardwood floor during summer time?

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